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Open Thread

When Good Pills Go Bad

Turns out that whole "med school" thing actually might have some valueRead more >

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Cindy Crawford

On her in-home sauna, the best foundations, tequila, becoming the first woman president, and how she really feels about her legendary beauty markRead more >

ITG ♥s

Mane 'N Tail Is The Best Horse Shampoo For Humans

Finally, an amazing beauty product that truly is multipurposeRead more >

The Review

The Most Fun-To-Use Exfoliators

Peels, scrubs, and masks that look a little odd but work really wellRead more >

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Christie Brinkley & Sailor Brinkley Cook

On carving a niche in the modeling industry for athletic bodies, drugstore self-tanner, hair extensions, and what Mom won't let Sailor do to her hairRead more >

As Told To ITG

How To Successfully Transition From Junk Food To A Vegan Diet

The woman behind the immensely popular food blog, Deliciously Ella, recounts her abrupt shift from cookies and PB&J, to a plant-based diet after being diagnosed with POTSRead more >

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Elizabeth Brockway, Managing Editor, Into The Gloss

ITG's resident lipstick expert on the perfect red and the best beauty product ever madeRead more >

The Review

Get Glowing Skin From A Bottle

Because you can only consume so much kaleRead more >

As Told To ITG

I Hate Working Out (But It Feels So Good)

At 37, Parisian Caroline de Maigret did the unthinkable: started going to the gymRead more >

Word of Mouth

Resorting To Accutane

"For people like me, the options are to either deal with the acne and use tons of makeup to cover the marks, or take this drug and hope that nothing bad will happen."Read more >

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Shailene Woodley

The 'Divergent' actress on eating clay for your health, gargling sesame oil, and the benefits of getting vitamin D where the sun don't shineRead more >

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Ana Kras, Artist

Finding the best coconut oil, deodorant as perfume, and how to make the most delicious chia-oat "breakfast jar"Read more >

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Misty Copeland, Ballerina

"I had to accept that it was OK to look like a woman and be a ballerina. I have breasts and a butt, which is not the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s aesthetic of the feminine, soft ballerina."Read more >

The Face

Amirah Kassem, Founder, Flour Shop

The baking entrepreneur on curly hair, shoes, and how to smell nakedRead more >

The Review

A Beginner's Guide to Korean Makeup

Korean-beauty expert Charlotte Cho on what they're doing better in SeoulRead more >

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ITG Resolutions: Drink More Water

Which my New Year's Day hangover so pleasantly imposed upon meRead more >

The Extras

ITG Resolutions: Make Decorated Mush

Molly Young on those hyper-styled bowls of berries and seeds (and maca? what is maca?), which look so appetizing, soul-nourishing, and can't be THAT hard to make, right?Read more >

Nicky Deam
Word of Mouth

Best Beauty Advice of 2013: Body

From Liv Tyler and Andrea Mary Marshall's miracle bath ingredient, to the workout that all the models (and Jake Gyllenhaal) are doingRead more >

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Girls

For your girl-friends and acquaintances, but, most importantly, for youRead more >

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Justyna Sroka, Senior Operations Manager, Juice Press

"I get to talk to so many people in a day, and I’m always asking everyone what they use," says the Poland native. "That’s how I’ve found everything I now use. I only wear a few products, so I want them to be great."Read more >

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Malgosia Bela, Model

"I love life—I don’t want to spend two hours getting ready in the bathroom every day."Read more >

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Alice Gregory, Writer

"I know it's the feminist line to say, ‘I wear makeup and get dressed for myself and not for men and not for other people,’ but I don’t find it to be true for me, personally."Read more >


Langley Fox Hemingway Walks Marc Jacobs

The illustrator and rookie runway walker's dispatch from the Spring/Summer 2014 showRead more >

The Face

Arizona Muse, Model

She's an eyeliner and (Cartier) earrings kind of girlRead more >

The Top Shelf

Andrea Mary Marshall, Artist

"I do a lot of self-portraiture late at night to have better control over the lighting, which means I spend a lot of nights without sleeping, wearing heavy theater makeup under hot lights. It all does a lot of damage to my skin..."Read more >