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The Professional

Amy Astley, Editor in Chief, Teen VOGUE

“Long before Teen VOGUE, I fell into being a beauty editor at VOGUE.Read more >

The Professional

Didier Malige, Hairstylist

“I grew up in Paris. I don’t know exactly what interested me in hair. I have no idea.Read more >

The Professional

Linda Rodin, Olio Lusso

“I was always into oils, but I’d never thought of making anything.Read more >

The Professional

Sally Singer, Editor in Chief, T

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sally Singer to hear about her beauty routine and favorite products.Read more >

The Professional

Lisa Houghton, Makeup Artist

"My approach to makeup is 'effortless. ’ A natural, healthy beauty without looking 'done up. ’ No one wants to look like they've tried too hard!Read more >

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