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Should I Use Liquid Highlighter Differently Than Powder?


Well, yes and no. Liquid highlighter and powder highlighter are both great, but usually for slightly different applications. Liquid highlighters are a lot more concentrated, so you'll need to use them more sparingly, and on areas where a small dab will suffice, like the tops of your cheekbones, the bow of your upper lip, or on top of your brow bone. Formulas like Benefit High Beam Highlighter are designed to be dotted on and then blended in with fingers or a brush, so your application method will be a little more intensive than the other option, powder highlighter. A few versions, like Tom Ford Illuminating Highlight Pen, also come preloaded into a brush to make things a little easier and less messy.

When you want to brighten up a large area, the best luminizer medium is powder. It's more diffuse, so it looks natural, and it's easy to apply. You just sweep on a product like Tory Burch Divine Bronzer, Blush & Highlighter Palette—the brush is usually already in the compact.

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