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Is Black Eyeliner Too Harsh For Pale Skin?


Black eyeliner might seem like a big statement if your skin is very fair, but the secret is actually just to A) embrace the contrast, and B) remember that blending is key. It's only going to look drawn on if the lines themselves are hard. If it's your first time wearing a dark liner, maybe try a slightly off-black like Lancôme Le Crayon Khol EyeLiner in Black Coffee, which is actually an extremely deep brown.

If you're ready for a little more drama than that and like vintage looks, give yourself a cat eye with something like L'Oreal Carbon Black Telescopic Precise Liquid Eyeliner—carbon black is very rich, so even thought it's a statement shade, it won't look dry or muted the way blue-blacks sometimes can.

And if you're just looking for a good smoky eye, it's hard to go wrong with kohl; NYX Kohl Kajal Black Eyeliner with a smudging brush or q-tip is really all you need.

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