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What's A Good Spring Eye Palette?


Maybe it's not even March, but that's not stopping us: Let's think about next season. A smoky eye is never out of fashion, but there's something about winter that certainly asks for something a little dark and bold. To offset that, warmer months should take advantage of other colors, and there's no more efficient way to take care of that than with a palette.

The first transitional step is to trade black for brown. And when it comes to brown, almost nothing can beat Charlotte Tilbury. Try the Golden Goddess (or La Dolce Vida _or _The Uptown Girl—seriously, they're all good) for something that easily transitions from day to night with the addition of the high-impact glitter brown fourth shade.

Warm neutrals are rendered a tiny bit more fun when they're transformed into coppery metallics. We're longtime fans of the Topshop Eye Palette in Prism (conveniently on sale now for a mere $8)—it's got your lightness covered with a nice metallic onyx in there for depth. But if any of this is making you feel caged in, there's the Narsissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette. Used dry, the pigments will wash over your lid just enough—those peachy colors in the upper left-hand corner will come in handy for seasons to come, if we had to guess.

As always, we're open to suggestion. Drop us a line below.

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