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What Are The Best Products For Styling Curly Hair?


If you’re the proud owner of a head of curly hair and looking for a product to bring out your ringleted glory, Bumble and bumble has that shit on lock. Their entire Curl Conscious line is spectacular—curls keep their shape sans frizz or excess weight. The Curl Conscious Defining Creme is far and away the star product here.

Oscar Blandi’s Curve Curl Perfecting Crème is another office favorite, no doubt because coconut milk is high up on the ingredient list. To get one more day out of your style, try Alterna Bamboo Smooth Curls Anti-Frizz Curl Re-Activating Spray. It’ll bring the bounce back and give you sufficient moisture to retwist.

But if there’s one thing people with curls know, it’s that something different works for everyone—and often the “holy grail' product only works for so long. Which means, use what works for you (and tell us about it in the comments). The non-negotiable bits are these: Start with an oil (dry hair leads to breakage which leads to frizz—the Moroccanoil Treatment can’t be beat). Always blow-dry with a diffuser and never brush your hair when it’s dry.

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