What Pills Are You Popping?


Supplements. I mean supplements. Feel free to tell me about your prescription antibiotics and such at a later date.

I ask because Team ITG takes...a shocking none at all. The occasional probiotic when we remember—gut health is skin health, people!—and a shared tub of Tums. (Fun fact, in order to be on ITG, you've gotta struggle with chronic GERD.) We feel fine enough, save for the heartburn—but find ourselves lacking in expertise in what has become a very crowded field. There's Ritual (pitched as the perfect daily vitamin), Care/of (personalized packs), the Nue Co. (organic, chic), Moon Juice (Sex Dust is a supplement, right?)... Everyone could very well need something different so there's no use generalizing. Instead, let's open the floor. What do YOU use? What works for YOU? Less advice; more sharing. When in doubt, ask a trained physician. But until the appointment hits, the Comment Section Clinic is open for business. Prescribe away!

Photo via ITG.