Why Doesn't The Perfect Mascara Exist?


A quick skim of all the interviews on this site (1,002 and counting...) produces a couple of key trends. Old, burned out Diptyque jars as brush holders; Le Labo Santal 33; and a lot of different mascaras—usually within the same Top Shelf! It seems like, perhaps, just maybe, we can extrapolate that people aren't really in love with their mascara choices at the moment. Not to assume anything. Or put words in anyone's mouth. But are you reading what we're reading?

"I’ve never found a mascara I was truly happy with so I switch brands and types every few months." —Elizabeth Royal's #ITGTopShelfie

"I jump around with mascaras, it's where I tend to experiment...I'm not married to one, and I don't think you need to spend $75 on a mascara." —Elizabeth Sulcer’s Top Shelf After Dark

"I probably go through half of a dozen different tubes of mascara in the course of a year." —Susan Lyne’s Top Shelf

"I want my eyelashes to be really long, and it’s hard to find the right brush-formula combination. Like, sometimes the brush is great, but it gets too much product on it. I have so many mascaras because I’m always mixing and matching, trying to find what works." —Anais Mali’s Top Shelf

"I'll use anything." —Sophia Amoruso’s Top Shelf After Dark

"I’m a mascara hopper." —Naomi Shimada’s The Face

"For mascara, as long as it’s black, I am completely promiscuous and will put whatever on. Mascara makes my nonexistent eyelashes exist." —Vanessa Friedman’s Top Shelf

"If I wear mascara, I don’t care what brand it is—I’ll use anything as long as it’s black." —Kilo Kish’s Top Shelf

"I change mascaras all the time—sometimes it’s Maybelline, sometimes it’s Chanel, sometimes it’s Gucci. I use mascara more often than any other makeup." —Daphne Groeneveld’s The Face

"I’m not particularly loyal with mascaras—I just use a ton of different ones." —Maria Dueñas Jacobs' Top Shelf

"I’ve never really been able to tell the difference between mascaras. I mean they all do the same thing, right?" —Alice Gregory’s Top Shelf

Good question. Let's chat tomorrow...