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A Double Endorsement Of Leonor Greyl's Banana Milk Shampoo


If there is one thing Eva Alt and Anna Jube share besides desk space, it’s a love of aesthetically-driven beauty products. They sit across from each other and throughout their workdays, occasionally link each other products like this blush, or this mask (“it’s periwinkle!”). As such, it’s really not surprising that they simultaneously discovered Leonor Greyl’s Lait Lavant a la Banane this way:

Eva: “Let’s talk about this new banana shampoo. I love banana smelling beauty products.”
Anna: “Yes please. I also definitely love a beauty product that's defined as ‘milk.’
Eva: “Any product with the word ‘milk’ in the name I will buy lol. It's a little pricey, but I’m intrigued—and the packaging!!!”
Anna: “You know how I feel about good packaging.”

So they both go home and try the shampoo. Turns out the texture is surprising (“it comes out of the bottle like...a light foam?”) and perfect for someone with fine hair who washes it frequently. Gentle for use on color-treated hair, too. They both agree the experience is delightful—“not like any shampoo I’ve used before”—and, depending on where a nice shampoo falls on your priorities list, worth the price tag. “We use these products daily—they should make us happy!” says Eva. Anna replies, “And it's 80 degrees out—banana milk is definitely the shower mood right now.”