Our Favorite Products: November Edition


Welcome to Our Favorite Products, a monthly feature in which ITG's editors discuss our favorite products. They're the best things we've tried all month long, reviewed, photographed, and anthropomorphized before we have the opportunity to get sick of them and move on to something new. November got cold; Winter is coming. We're just preparing to survive, and these are the things that are working in our favor. Read on.

Christine Chin Perfect Hydrating Creme

Guys, my skin has been going THROUGH it this past month. Thanks to the information I took from a very productive Instagram call-and-response session, the recipe for my breakouts seems to be over-exfoliation with a side order of too many products and a soupçon of artificial fragrance. Long story short, I think I broke down my moisture barrier past the point of no return. As such, I’ve committed myself to its restoration: only good old fashioned moisturizers and serums from here on out. After several weeks of testing, I’m happy to say that Christine Chin’s very simple, very excellent cream is my favorite. The facialist is known for her take-no-prisoners approach to blackheads, so I was wary of what her products might do to my hyper-delicate face. But this cream promises to “reprogram” skin's moisture barrier (her words, not mine) over the course of 20 hours. And without fragrance or acids or miracle ingredients. It’s certainly plain. But if plain means healed, healthy skin, I’m down with it. —Emily Ferber

Marc Jacobs Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette in Glambition

In spite of the name—Glambition is really not my brand—this palette has been my late fall, early winter makeup hero. Full of good browns, nudes, cream and gold (plus a gold flecked charcoal that’s perfect for a smudged wing) it’s great when you just want to look good. Especially since the texture of the powders is such a rich, high quality that they rarely ever crease, even after many long wild hours in the club—or wherever it is glam people hang out. In other words, I’ll see you there. —Anna Jube

Cushioned Running Socks

If you would have told me a year ago that running socks existed or were a thing or that I'd willingly spend $15 on a single pair, I would not have believed you. Here we are though; I need them. They keep my feet from sweating, they don't smell, I can use them more than once without washing, they feel sooo nice against my running sneakers (Newton's, BTW). They're perfect. I'd actually say they're one of the most important parts of my fitness routine. Never again will I use my day-to-day Uniqlo socks for running. — Tom Newton

Buly 1803 Pommade Concrète Balm

What's not to like about a bougie Victorian hand cream? (Oh sorry—hand and foot cream.) Know that the mark of a truly great product is Emily Ferber and I keeping a shared tube between our desks to use whilst working every single day. This cream is thick for sure, but for November—now December—it is precisely what I need. Besides, I'm pretty sure it would be worth it even just for the packaging. —AJ


Please don’t @ me. I’m aware that this recommendation is debatable. But when I’m healing a zit (specifically one that’s been popped but is definitely going to scab over), this is what I reach for. It’s a serious occlusive barrier—nothing’s getting past that thing. And it’s antibacterial, so anything left brewing is immediately annihilated. Maybe don’t use it every day, but make sure you have a tube around somewhere. Just in case. —EF

Vitamin A Supplements

I HATE supplements. The only thing that broke me of this recently were CBD pills, but even those weren't quite strong enough to elicit becoming part of my routine. But the recommendation for these Vitamin A supplements came at the behest of Melanie Simon, the aesthetician who created the ZIIP device, and for whatever reason, it stood out. She says taking it twice a week greatly improves her skin, and it makes sense—Vitamin A is a certified acne fighter. You can get it at Whole foods for $8. —TN

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