A Friendly Reminder That Tequila Is The Superior Liquor


A story for any of you who are still on the internet today:

A few years ago, a certain editor of this site went out to dinner with some friends. Just something easy and quick—nothing fancy. "Where should we go to dinner?" they asked themselves. Flower Shop it was decided, as Flower Shop serves excellent burgers and is also conveniently located close to this editor's office. Little did they know that just the night before, one Ashley Olsen, of the Gimme Pizza Olsens, had also stopped by Flower Shop. While we haven't been able to confirm if she ordered the burger (really, it's very good), the attending editor did hear that she ordered a tequila soda at the bar. This is why it's ITG's position that tequila is the superior liquor. Team Tequila 2017.

Also, makeup artist Wendy Rowe once offhandedly mentioned that tequila was the least worst alcohol for your skin. Something about the low glycemic index? Whatever, who cares, it's delicious and Ashley Olsen drinks it. Add to cart. Drink one every hour for eternity. Live long and prosper.

Oh! And happy fourth of July! Don't forget to drink. Preferably tequila.

—Team ITG

Photo via ITG.