Everything You Need To Go To Camp As An Adult


There’s a kind of rude awakening that happens when you walk into a cabin meant to house 16 pre-teen boys and expect to stay there comfortably for three days. Sure, you thought it was going to be all Bruce Weber black and white like the old Abercrombie ads, but please rest assured that the living situation will always be a tiny bit more bleak than you imagined.

When faced with imminent discomfort, it’s useful to be very strategic about packing. Alternatively, you could elect to camp with 40 people who work at a beauty company in lower Manhattan—many of whom consider highlighter to be “an essential”—and you’ll be covered. As the great Phyllis Nefler of Troop Beverly Hills once said: “In the wilderness of life, we can never be too prepared.” Meaning: Bring your silk pillowcase and make the most of it. So, without further ado, the Things We Packed for Camp Glossier:

Various standard protective measures:
That includes things like Coola’s unbeatable spray sunscreen for body, La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Antioxidant Serum with SPF 50, Zoe Organics Insect Repellent (plus some secret DEET if ya nasty), and a hat.

Plus chic sunglasses:
Nothing makes two-day old athletic wear look better than a chic pair of sunglasses—particularly these ones from Westward Leaning. Accessorizing well is key, even in the woods. Leave your statement necklaces at home.

A swimsuit:
To prepare for water sports, color war activities, and poolside drinking, do yourself a favor and bring a one-piece. Bruna Malucelli's monogrammed assortment are useful if you have trouble keeping track of other people's names.

Closed-toe shoes that aren’t your sneaks:
Soludos' embroidered Smoking Slippers are better looking, more comfortable, and infinitely cheekier than that old pair of Nike flyknits you're cool with getting mud on. Not as good for running from bears, but prevailing thought says you're not supposed to do that anyway, so.

A souvenir you can’t break:
Feel free to disagree, but few things are funnier than affixing a pink "Beauty Editor" tag to a communal bathroom key. Luxury is in the details.

Select fancy add-ons (because you’re not an animal):
Every camper, glamper, or otherwise can stand to elevate their outdoor living situation—we should all be striving for Phyllis Nefler realness. All you really need are a few luxe staples, starting with Slip’s Silk Sleep Mask (in cotton candy pink, natch) and matching Pillowcase. They’re easy enough to pack and make a world of difference. It also pays to upgrade your in-shower essentials to something that smells like a million bucks, and Ouai’s travel-sized hair products will make any bunk shower situation smell like the spa at the Chateau Marmont.

Late night entertainment:
You can go two routes here. If 9PM is lights out and your bunkmate, Cindy from Finance, is a loud sleeper, download The Parent Trap (before arriving to Camp Spotty Wifi), plug in your headphones, and you’ll be asleep before Dennis Quaid falls into the pool. Or, if you’re gregarious, invest in a portable bluetooth speaker with enough power to turn Bunk 12 into Bunk 12 After Dark. (If the latter is more your speed, can we interest you in a Camp Cocktail?)

Photos via Glossier.

Also essential for travel: Fancy bite-sized candles. Also, cashmere sweatpants.