Now Burning: Le Feu Violet


Mornings in the Gloffice include two things: caffeination and matches. The caffeine because we're human. The matches serve a dual purpose. First, for when Eunice lights a stick of sacred Palo Santo wood, believed to bring healing and cleansing benefits to its surroundings (apparently also great for mosquitoes). And second, to light one of the numerous candles scattered about—one in the powder room, one in the conference room (real name TBD—'The Library'? “Champagne Room'?), and sometimes one on the most uncluttered desk, because: fire hazards. The best ones will be featured here, in our newest column “Now Burning.” First up, Le Feu De L'Eau Le Feu Violet .

Summer can be a daunting time for candle enthusiasts. No one wants to be hit in the face with a wall of fragrance when the median temperature is 85ºF with 90% humidity. Le Feu Violet is a candle to light on even the muggiest of days. Rather than screaming, “Hey everyone, this candle I'm burning smells so freaking great.” Le Feu offers the subtle suggestion that you and everything you own just smells that nice naturally. The grapefruit and tobacco notes balance each other, keeping the scent from being too girly or overpowering. Plus, it's substantial: the wax, hand-sculpted underwater (!!!!!), has lasted a good, long while, promising a summer full of good smells. Another plus: it's pretty! Vertical, streamlined, tie-dye. Fancy tie-dye candles, you heard it here first. Maybe we were onto something back in our lava lamp days...