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Lucky Magazine's 'How To Tie A Fishtail Braid'

Oh braids, you devilish hairstyle, you. We see you on other people’s heads and stare with envy at your perfectly unkempt twists, knots, folds, and wraps. You parade around seeming beautiful and effortless when really you are a terrifying trap of trouble. It’s just rude. And then there's the fishtail (or 'herringbone,' depending on whom you ask) braid. Just when we thought we had the traditional three-pronged version down pat, it turns out there's a possibly cooler and more difficult option out there.

But to all you fretters, don’t worry, we found a Lucky tutorial so easy to follow it really does make you (as it did us) a bit embarrassed you couldn't fishtail your hair before. Or, maybe you're already a fishtail devotee but don't know how to achieve that “worn in” look? Lucky's got answers for you, as well. Just grab a brush and eff that braid up.

So now you've got no excuse but to join to legions of models, movie stars, and just plain crafty folk who sport these 2.0 twists. Good luck in your endeavor we'll be looking out for your new ‘do (on Twitter and Instagram just hashtag #IntoTheGloss).