Tatine Black Hemlock and Green Jasmine Candle

Tatine Black Hemlock Green Jasmine Candle
Tatine Black Hemlock Green Jasmine Candle

We grew up thinking of hemlock as a poison (oh hi, Macbeth), but Tatine’s Black Hemlock and Green Jasmine Candle may be changing our minds. The clean, lightly woodsy smell is grassy fresh (that’d be the green jasmine and “white blooming jasmine flower' toned down with evergreen leaves and vetiver) without being too Febreeze-y. And it's just aromatic enough that you’d think somewhere in your house was an open window overlooking one hell of a garden. Not to mention, the label on the candle's base references one of our favorite Stones songs “ Don't play with me, 'cause you're playing with fire...').

Plus, Tatine's candles might be inspired by nature, but they’re also doing their part to help it. Each candle in their Garden and Forest Infusion line is hand-crafted, with heavy-weight green glassware sourced from 40% recycled materials. Even the wood-grain packaging is FSC-certified (sourced from forests using recycled wood and fiber). As for the $32 candle, itself? It's a (you guessed it!) all-natural beeswax/soy blend with a 100% cotton wick. Let's blaze.

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