Isa's Restoratives Lilac Rouge

Lip Gloss
Lip Gloss

We've been looking for a rose-tinted creamy product for our lips/cheeks for awhile now (maybe it was Elin's influence, with all that 'creamier the better' talk, or Gucci's healthy-looking girls at Rag & Bone), but much like the heroines of pretty much every rom-com ever, we just hadn't found the 'right one.' To be fair, our standards were a little high: there were some that looked awesome on our lips, but seemed destined to clog our pores if applied anywhere north of the mouth. There were some that seemed fine for both, except for the color (too orange), texture (too thick), feel, what have you. We almost gave up on the whole charade, sticking to our powders and pinching our cheeks like the pioneers (does anyone actually do this?). Then, last weekend, Alessandra happened across an art market called Ilan Dei in Venice, CA, and a product that seemed to answer all our prayers (it was, as irony would have it, from a Brooklyn-based herbalist. Of course): Isa's Restoratives Lilac Rouge in Crimson. The refreshingly easy to read/pronounce organic ingredients are all listed on the back: macadamia and avocado oils infused with Alkanet root, filtered beeswax and lilac fragrance. That's it. Best part? The salve is doing your skin good as it's making you look good (if this is a burgeoning theme, we don't hate it)—it rubs on a rose-colored sheen not unlike one's post-exercise cheeks (which is, after all, what your blush is supposed to mimic). And guess what? On lips, it's just as pretty.

The other best part? It smells like LILACS.

P.S. If you're using a brush for your salves and creams, don't forget Tom Pecheux's advice: even with products this natural, always go synthetic.