Remembering Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi
Anna Piaggi

I was saddened to read of fashion writer Anna Piaggi's death, at age 81. Her trademark chapeaux, blue hair, and rouge'd cheeks inspired many (dare I say she was the original Anna Dello Russo?), including me. Here, my brief interview with the icon, originally posted in January of 2011:

“My beauty look…it goes with my feeling, it goes with my color…I have the habit of doing it this way. I have a wonderful friend—a makeup artist, Roberto, who is not here at the moment—and he gave me some instruction on how to do it myself. I follow what he suggest me to do, and basically I know the blush is important for me, and the eyes. And because my hair is dyed blue for twenty years, my eye shadow is mostly blue, or green, following the mood. I have, you know, the basic things he suggest me to use. I feel better with these basics.”