Breakfast with Isabel Marant - Into The Gloss
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Breakfast with Isabel Marant


at the new Isabel Marant store in Paris, and yes, Emily tried to buy the jacket right off her back.

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  • Daul Be

    j'adore Isabel Marant!

  • Pearl and Butler

    We love Isabel Marant, and probably would've bought her jacket straight off her back too, Emily...It looks incredible!

  • Amanda Mihaly

    I love your sweater Emily! Is that Isabel Marant as well?

    • ITGNick

      The sweatshirt is Supreme!

  • VotreAmie

    I don't blame you, Emily! That sucker is kick ass!

  • ROKderm

    Look at you! you look so comfy!

  • marjorie

    your hair is lovely emily

  • Emily

    your haircut is amazing. you are WORKING that middle part

  • Guest

    Emily! Please do Isabelle's top shelf and your own, again. Isabelle comes across as such a lovely, sophisticated person in interviews, such an inspiration!

  • Laura

    Which jacket is it exactly emily? Is it the the one from the etoile line?

  • Daria

    Ok that sounds like a dream I have everyday. Le sighhhhhhh

  • daria

    Also Emily your hair! Is marvelous.


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