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2 Kute! More Karlies Kookies.


The lovely Karlie Kloss hooked us up with some more homebaked goodness.

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  • http://www.daulbe.com/ Daul Be

    They're so yummy! I was hooked after the first bite !!!

  • http://www.daulbe.com/ Daul Be

    more like love at first bite for me :))

  • VotreAmie
  • Tina

    That's pretty cool that FEED is branching out into 'Kookies' I love the FEED cause and of course their bags. I actually did a post highlighting their mission and popular bags today: http://www.ourwonderlust.com/ourwonderlust/give-a-hoot-feed.html hope you check it out. Tina

  • http://rokderm.com/ ROKderm

    Well aren't you the lucky one!

  • http://anothermagpie.tumblr.com/ magpie

    Never fails to amaze me how when Karlie uses too many Ks it's cute, but when the Kardashians do the same, it just reads as unbearably tacky...

    • Tony Huynh

      Even the Kardashians uses too many Ks.


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