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J Colby Smith Piercings


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  • Angelahoff

    Where did she get her earrings? They are beautiful.

  • Caroline Montmayeur

    Beautiful : punk and chic at the same time.

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    These are gorgeous--I love that you offset the toughness of the piercings with the dainty, pretty jewelry. I am just loving that gold hoop! I need to go look for a similar one asap! And, this pic is really making me want another piercing...uh oh! :P

  • Thefashioninformer

    I would imagine they're from NY Adorned since that's where he works (there's also a jewelry-only outpost called Love Adorned, which is fan-fucking-tastic!). Both are in NYC.

  • Scout

    India town in Jackson Heights (Queens) has some great pieces. Pure gold for my sensitive skin, not just gold plated... Price wise it varies 200-400 USD.