Before he was the Fashion Director of German GQ (and GQ Style), Tobias Frericks wanted to be a ballerina. “My mother was a dancer, so I had been dancing ballet professionally all during my childhood,” Frericks told me at the Tom Ford Noir fragrance fête in Milan. (Long story short, he realized he liked the ballet costumes more than the pirouetting, and switched paths.) Now, he stays away from clothes that are “too fashion” (e.g., skinny jeans). He tries to “keep it butch,” he says, and on the looser side with button-downs, oxfords—“very Americana” basics. But style aside, the Berlin-based editor’s signature is undoubtedly his very on-trend gap-tooth smile. “I had braces as a kid, and my teeth were totally together, but two months after the braces came off, they just went right back. It was totally pointless,” he laughed. “As a kid, I hated it, I was embarrassed. Everyone would make fun of it, but that’s how kids are. Now, I love it.”

When it comes to grooming, Frericks is low-maintenance…sort of: a tiny bit of “old-school barber-shop wax” to mess up his shaggy, dirty-blond mop, and biweekly facials at the Cowshed Spa at Berlin’s Soho House. “I tend to get acne if I do too much to my face, so the best solution I found is to not do anything every day, and just do facials every so often.”

As the Tom Ford Noir dinner wound down, Frericks grabbed a red pen and got to work on our questionnaire, offering some insight into the man behind the gap. (Whether he’s in private or public, he’s always “a nice guy.” Aww.)

—Nick Axelrod

Tom Ford Noir, Available at Sephora, 50ml $90, 100ml $125. Photographed by Nick Axelrod in Milan, Italy. This feature is sponsored by Tom Ford Noir.