The first thing you notice about British stylist (and GQ Style UK’s Fashion Director) Luke Day is that hair. Much to my surprise, though, his shoulder-length baby-blond curls require very little upkeep. “I use nothing in my hair, aside from shampoo and conditioner,” he told me over dessert at the Tom Ford Noir dinner—which, truthfully, was one of the best-dressed room I’ve ever been in. Mr. Day only cops to receiving some follicular assistance when it comes to the color. “No, it’s not natural,” he said. “There’s some help—and lots of holidays! I’m blond anyway, but I call this ‘fake sun.’ It’s like how it would be if I lived somewhere with lots of sun.” Instead, he’s based in London, where the sun rarely shines but where Day still slathers on SPF-fortified moisturizer, a Vitamin C serum, and eye cream every day, no matter what. “I take my skin seriously. I started doing all of it from a really young age. I don’t mind getting old, but I still want to look good.” And that applies to his carefully curated personal style, as well. Take the ‘70s-throwback look he put together for the Tom Ford Noir dinner, which included wide-leg cream silk pants and shiny leather loafers designed by none other than Mr. Ford. (Well, the shirt was from Ford’s Gucci years, but still: Luke Day is on it.) As for his ITG questionnaire, please mull it over, especially his daily routine—I, for one, can definitely relate.

—Nick Axelrod

Tom Ford Noir, Available at Sephora, 50ml $90, 100ml $125. Photographed by Nick Axelrod in Milan, Italy. This feature is sponsored by Tom Ford Noir.