The Corsican model/actress (and face of the new Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme fragrance) shares her tips for curing puffy eyes, creating the perfect matte finish for any red lipstick, and why a “French attitude” is the key to looking good.

“Lately, I take more risks about fashion or makeup, or things like that. I like sometimes to look kind of rock and roll… a bit? I’ve always been like that, but sometimes people saw me differently. Now, it’s changing because my personality is coming out. I always felt ‘rock,’ but it takes time before one can project that…it’s funny. Before, I was more passive about things around me. People would see me in a certain way and I used to do what they’d like, but today, I have opinions about things and I say, ‘No, actually I love that, or that, or I want to be like that.

For beauty, you can put anything on, but if you’re not feeling good inside, it’s quite complicated. When I wake up in the morning, I take a glass of cold water with lemon and drink it. I feel like it cleans everything inside myself. And then sometimes when I have puffy eyes, I take ice and put some rose lotion and a cotton pad all together, and put it on my eyes in the morning. It helps. I feel like, Ahhhh, wake up! Then I put on cream—you know, something from the pharmacy. It could be anything, something really simple. On my eyes, I would put Dr. Hauschka…but the good thing is to put it in the fridge, actually. It’s fresh. And I like the idea to have cream in my fridge! [Laughs] I don’t use anti-aging products because I cannot stop age, I don’t think. [Laughs] I could put more, but I’m not sure if it works. For now, it’s okay. I love Linda Rodin’s oils—I love the smell of it. I prefer strong, sexy smells, like Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme. It’s very sensual, with the neroli and jasmine, and it’s something you can put on every day that sort of lives with you.

During the day, I like to put mascara and lipstick on, maybe a little bit of shape—shading. I have a product for when the lips get dry…it’s papaya; Lucas Papaw Ointment. It’s in a red tube, really good. It’s not expensive. I love to use that product, but I can put it here too, on the eye. It can be a nice eye shadow, especially here, on the inner corner, to create light around the eye. I’ll use any mascara—nothing specific, but I don’t like when it makes clumps. I like when it’s really subtle. One thing that I like to do is put brown pencil on my eyebrow. I think it makes your eye open up, so it’s what I do when I have to go out.

At night, I love black shadow on the eyes. I like to use my fingers, but I also like to make it a bit like a cat eye with powder. It’s nice because your eye is more like an almond. I do top and bottom. What I don’t like is when you can see the line so much—I don’t like when it creases with time. You have to put something dry; I think it’s better. You know what I love is eyelashes—fake ones. I don’t put them on myself, but when I have to go to something, I love when they put them on me. Even with no other makeup, it’s something I love. One by one, individually, it’s perfect. I’ve tried to apply them myself, but it was a nightmare. [Laughs]

A trick that I love for applying a red lip is you start with a pencil, and you put on your red lipstick, and then, you take a tissue and peel apart the two layers—you know how in one tissue there’s usually two layers? You take only one layer and you lay it over your red lip, and then you dust loose powder through the tissue over the lipstick. It gives a nice matte finish—it’s perfect. It’s really nice because to have the perfect matte lipstick…you will never find it. So, you can make your own and you can have any matte you want!

I like Christophe Robin hair products. If I have to do a character for a movie, he colors my hair. He’s the best. For the Bardot movie [Serge Gainsbourg, Vie Héroïque], he was the one who did the ‘Bardot blond.’ He’s really good with blond—he did the perfect one that I wanted. You know like the hair on a child? When they’re blond, but the sun did it? He did it in two days, actually. But I feel better as a brunette. I liked being blond for a moment, but you need too much to take care of it and you have to be more sophisticated when you’re blond, in everything—makeup and everything. Suddenly, you put on a bit of makeup, and everything comes out. It’s so weird, and when you don’t have makeup on…it’s flat. So, I prefer brunette. My natural color is brunette…Actually I just saw one white hair! [Laughs]

For facials, I like to go to Joëlle Ciocco in Paris. I’ll do a facial or a massage. It’s fantastic. But you have to do it with Lubna. She’s great. And I drink a lot of water—I find it helps for eliminating toxins and when I don’t drink, my lips are more dry. We’re all 90% water and the more time passes, the more water goes away. I’m also doing sport. I go swimming. When I’m swimming, actually, I put some oil in my hair. The one that I put is from Christophe Robin—it’s lavender. It’s really good and I put oil on the body because the swimming is bad for your skin. I put it on before I go in the water.

I have Homeoplasmine for the lips—I use that also. I like to keep my lips very moisturized. It’s always important when you have big lips. I don’t do so much, actually. When you have too much makeup on, I don’t think it’s nice. It’s not so sexy. It’s when your personality comes out, that’s what I like. Lips with a bit of eyes, it’s perfect. It’s a very French attitude; it’s about security about yourself. You know what I mean? Like, to be sure about yourself.”

—as told to ITG

Photographed by Emily Weiss in Sicily, Italy in May 2012. This feature is sponsored by Dolce&Gabbana Pour Femme.