“I THINK WET HAIR, on a woman, is so New York,” Jimmy Paul says. And he’s one to talk: the Bumble editorial hairstylist has been in the Big Apple (and all over the world) collaborating with the likes of Steven Meisel and Steven Klein for decades. “Great shoes, great clothes, beautiful skin…” Paul continues. “And then wet hair from the shower, just flying as she runs for a cab.”

We tend to agree, and so do designers: the pervading beauty mood at most of the spring/summer shows was slightly mussed (and, often, slightly damp) locks. That covetable “model-off-duty” hair meant that most of the girls ran backstage, frantically late, only to be told, “Oh, you’re good.” Credit the temperature (hot, hot, hot), or blame it on everyone’s fascination with personal style (the street’s the new catwalk!), but air-drying and embracing your natural texture seems to be the way to go these days. Of course, this wasn’t always the case. When Jimmy Paul was still in diapers, writer Arlene Dahl published the 1965 etiquette book Always Ask a Man: The Key to Femininity, including this sage advice: “Shampoo your hair when your husband isn’t around and plan to stay in the house and out of public eye until your hair has been set and brushed out. Hair should be set in private to look pretty in public.”

Sexy has never been SO EASY

But that was then, and this is now—sorry, Arlene. So if you do nothing else to your hair, or even if you do a lot to your hair, it’s best to always (maybe we’ll write our own etiquette book?) pump 1 to 4 drops of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil into hands and smooth through damp locks to seal in moisture, boost shine, and protect your color before doing a side part, ponytail, chignon, or just letting loose—like Bianca did here, en route to Fort Tilden beach. Jimmy Paul, who’s obsessed with the stuff and mixes it with just about every other Bumble styling product during photo shoots, lets the Oil take center stage, like at a recent gig where the photographer specifically asked for wet hair. “I used a little bit of it, and just pushed the hair off the face and tucked it behind the ears,” he says. “Sort of like she just took off a motorcycle helmet.” Sexy has never been so easy.

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