This is it, guys: One more chance to try out Bumble and bumble’s no-fuss Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, a styling product for pretty much any time, any place.

You’ve read all about it (in the New York Times, which dubbed it a “summer essential worth seeking out”, and in Allure and Teen Vogue) and seen it here on ITG in all its moisturizing, frizz-taming, lifeguard-attracting glory (on Miss Dueñas, The Girl With The Best Lob, aka long bob). Now, don’t miss out on getting a free dose of Bumble and bumble’s first-ever hair oil in, appropriately, ITG’s first-ever giveaway. Because who doesn’t love Bumble, free stuff, and getting a present in the mail? Click below. *Ed note: giveaway is now closed. But Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil is available for purchase here.