Well, well, well, what have we here? In one of those happy fashion accidents (or maybe we’re just psychic) our straight-hair experiment with Bianca Dueñas last month—featuring Bb.Straight Blow Dry, Bumble and bumble’s little gem of a styling balm—turned out to be exactly the sort of thing designers are choosing to send down their runways for spring 2013: straight, minimalist, sleek hair. And, in several cases so far, it’s been parted and slicked back into “Helmut Newton”-esque updos. We’ve heard the famed photographer referenced twice so far, and it’s only Day 5 of Fashion Month. We can confidently report: this is happening.

Lo and behold, that smooth, sexy, just-the-right-amount-of-messed-up look is exactly what we had in mind for Bianca’s third and final style. In a natural hairvolution of how you might want to change your look over several days, Bianca’s wavy blonde bob had first been blow-dried straight using Straight Blow Dry for a not-so-typical blowout. Next, to mix things up, we had her look flat-ironed, and now, in the next phase, we wanted to put it “up”—but not in a boring, “grab a hair tie and get it out of your face” kind of way. Lazy ponytails are too blah, given how easy it is to do something that gives you a real look.

Our trusty Bumble stylist-friend Rogan took a fine-toothed comb and carved out a razor sharp side part, paddle-brushed all the hair behind her ears into a low-ish pony, and pulled out an open-ended elastic with two metal hooks (think: earrings) on either end. “Another really good tool,” he winked. “It’s a ‘bungee’—you wrap it around and hook it in. It’s a hairstylist trick; it gives you more control and really locks it into place when you’re doing a tight style.” Noted.

He polished it up with Shine On Finishing Spray—making sure to leave a few little pieces out instead of shaping a tight and classic chignon, which he said “can look too fussy, too ‘done’” (AKA: old), and raked his fingers over random sections with a dab of Texture Hair (un)dressing Creme. The result was sexy, fun, and just the right amount of refined. Bianca laughed, “It’s neat and messy… just like me!” Helmut Newton is a legendary photographer and all, but who wants the polished severity of a fashion shoot? We just want to look like ourselves—though some days, maybe a tiny bit more together.