In our last installment, we had convinced Bianca Dueñas to entrust her signature wavy blonde bob to the experienced hands of Bumble and bumble stylist Rogan (aided by Bb.Straight Blow Dry, the first step, we learned, to any good blowout), in an effort to try out a new look. Why not? And the result: a rather modern-looking, textured blowout that looked neither too “done,” nor too stiff. Success!

Our next challenge? Going even further towards the extreme end of the blowout spectrum— we aimed to fully straighten Bianca’s golden tresses with the help of Rogan’s flat iron. His tool du jour was bedecked with a bumper sticker reading “NICE LEGS!” So we knew we were in good (humored) hands, at least…

We all know about flat irons, but maybe not the varied sizes and shapes and intensity levels they come in, nor how women used to actually iron (with a clothes iron! So close to your scalp/face/ears! Do not try at home!) their hair flat in the ‘60s.

So, while his ceramic flat iron warmed up, Rogan mussed a smidge of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil through B’s already blown-out hair for a conditioning boost (“We don’t want to fry it,” he noted). As Bianca regaled us with stories of her hair-obsessed teenage years in south Florida, Rogan—a fellow Floridian, it turned out—spritzed sections of her hair with Does It All Styling Spray, and then added the iron. “You’d probably think to spray afterwards, but by applying the product and then the heat, it locks in the shape,” he explained, loosely weighing a lock of B’s hair in his hand as he spoke. “Plus, it helps seal in shine.” Well, perfect.

So, off he went, raking her now center-parted hair through the plates of the iron, guided by a fine-toothed comb, until Bianca’s blowout had transformed into something else entirely: her bob grew about three inches, grazing her collarbones, and fell like a sheet around those enviable cheekbones. Bianca hit the streets to show off a ‘do that looked about as effortless as it actually, well, was… and maybe it was the added spring in her step, but, a in a twist of fate, a bike messenger whizzed by and cat-called, “Hey, legs!” But we’re going to go with, “NICE HAIR!”