A Blowout. Oh boy.

Entire freestanding salons are dedicated to the craft. Some girls can’t function without them. Others undergo semi-permanent treatments just to keep their hair straight… for months. But a Blowout—at home, in chair, whatever—generally makes us think of two things: 1) An insane amount of time and energy (generally in the “at home” scenario), and 2) A look that is too perfect (overrated!)

Bianca Dueñas has, in the past, avoided both potential pitfalls altogether. “I never blow-dry my hair,” she admitted on a recent Saturday at Bumble and bumble’s Meatpacking District salon in Downtown New York. She sticks to what she knows, which is to say, an astonishingly simple wash-and-go routine… and it’s working—nobody rocks a variegated, wavy blonde bob like Bianca. But, that doesn’t mean she’s not interested in a change. After all, straight-haired girls want curly hair, curly-haired girls want straight hair, and even if that’s not always the case, do you know what is? Feeling that little itch to mix things up.

So, back to the Bumble salon. We gave Bianca a Straight Hair Challenge, if you will, with Bumble master stylist Rogan acting as MC/referee/therapist. The objective was simple: to use as little stuff—brushes, tools, products, etc—as possible, show us some tricks, and, above all else, make it look cool. Not stiff, not ‘uptown.’

Enter Bb.Straight Blow Dry. It’s a styling balm with a velvety feel, and it features some kind of “gemstone blend” that we’ll just call “unicorn dust” because that’s pretty much what must be in there. In the same way that “heat activated” anything gets our blood pumping (lest you forget the joy of Mood Rings?), the smoothing, frizz-reducing formula relaxes curls upon the introduction of a heat source. It’s also said to “improve hair condition over time for lasting softness and increased manageability,” which, to us, sounds like a pretty good bonus, when you’re regularly blasting your head with hot air.

For look numero uno (we played around—how could we not?!), Rogan washed away the sand and surf (farewell, 90-degree weekends spent eating ice cream and tacos) and towel-dried Bianca’s hair before applying any product. “One of the biggest mistakes,” Rogan cautioned, “is putting product on really wet hair. It gets diluted.” Noted. He spritzed Prep, the infamous detangling/vitamin-enriched/hairstylist favorite all over, followed by a quarter-sized dollop of Straight Blow Dry, working it from root to tip. Now, on to the tools: he reached for a paddle, not round, brush. “This way, you won’t get that ‘blown-under’ sort of curl. It’ll look more ‘downtown’ than ‘uptown.’” Yes.

Paddle brush in hand, Rogan casually pulled loose sections down and away from the head with a slight bend in the wrist, to get that little bit of tension. No one was worried about perfection—Rogan and Bianca were going to mess it up afterwards, anyway. That’s the trick: “It looks cooler when it looks real,” he said, turning back to spritz Bianca’s now-straight hair with some Thickening Hairspray, working it haphazardly into the root to add texture back in, and finger-combing an irregular side part. A couple of bobby pins behind the ears, a shot of Does It All Styling Spray, and voilà: Bianca looked in the mirror at a straight-haired, but very modern, version of herself.