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Kilo-Kish-Robinson The Top Shelf

Kilo Kish, Musician

“Growing up, I had no idea what to do with my hair, because no one at my school had hair like this, and my hairstylist was Dominican, and even my mom straightens her hair. So I’ve had to figure it out myself.”  VIEW MORE >

Into The Gloss
Vika Gazinskaya The Top Shelf

Vika Gazinskaya, Designer

“You read about products that say they will change this, this, and this, but it’s usually bullshit. I use two masks that actually change everything. Just touch your skin after. You will feel like a baby—clean, fresh, amazing.”  VIEW MORE >

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Oh-Land The Top Shelf

Oh Land, Singer

“I spent most of my life as a ballet dancer striving for classic perfection and beauty. After I stopped, I was ready to have more fun defining what beauty meant to me.”  VIEW MORE >