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Devyn Galindo Style

Devyn Galindo

“People are never too sure if I’m a guy or a girl… They don’t know what kind of box to put me in. But, I kind of like that.”  VIEW MORE >

Into The Gloss
Mavi Staiano Style

Mavi Staiano

The rising creative director and assistant to curator Neville Wakefield checks in from a holiday in her hometown of Sorrento, Italy  VIEW MORE >

Into The Gloss
Cynthia Mittweg Style

Cynthia Mittweg, Designer

“I got my nails done in LA. They’re gels with pure silver glitter, and they last forever—up to three weeks. I go to a place called Chi Nails in Beverly Hills; they do all that crazy nail art, and really specialize in different types of gels.  VIEW MORE >