Which Deodorants Won’t Stain Clothes?

The trick to keeping stains off your stuff is more about how you use deodorant than the specific product you buy. If you're putting your clothes on right after you apply, that might be the source of your entire issue. Basically, give it a minute or two before you put on a blouse.

Formula also plays a role—cream deodorant is the most likely to stain overall, so switching to a spray (like Secret Antiperspirant Aerosol), roll-on (like Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant), or sheer (like Degree Women Invisible Solid) could also help you out!

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  • emma

    hi this was really helpful! but can you give an example of a cream deodorant?

    • Emily

      Dove original deodorant cream is the best. Lasts all day and so moisturising. I put it on after clothes to avoid staining as don't find spray/roll-on lasts as long.

  • TS

    PRIMAL PIT PASTE! This is the first deodorant in the history of the world that leaves me so smell-free that I can wear the same shirt 2 days in a row. And it's all organic, and doesn't stain, yet somehow works better than all the drugstore ones.

    You can make your own version with equal parts baking soda / arrowroot powder mixed with coconut oil, but it will be slightly less finely milled.

  • Lulu

    Nivea Invisible for black & white clothing!

  • Dee

    Dove silk dry antiperspirant spray is the best but I haven't been able to find it States side. I got hooked as a once sweaty stinky archaeologist in Greece ( long hot hours in the sun) but is so clean and residue less I wear it with my Equipement blouses with no fear at my desk. All the comfort and non burn of a cream without the white. No sticky burn and wet spots like from a gel.
    Sad part is my ordering options are pAmazon and Boots international site. Sooooo worth it.

  • Svet

    I use Old Spice Fiji every single day. I know it's a men's deodorant, but it doesn't stain, dries quickly, and NEVER leaves those awful white marks. And bonus, my boyfriend also uses it, one less thing to put in the overnight bag!

  • eastvillagesiren

    Hey ITG, deodorant is one thing; antiperspirants are a subgroup. And you only list deo/antiperspirant suggestions. It's the aluminum salts in antiperspirants that combine with sweat to cause stains.

    I use Men's Speedsick (which I first "borrowed" from my husband). I like the scent, and because it's a deo, it doesn't stain. Malin + Goetz has a pricier deo with a nice eucalyptus scent.

  • Dani

    Coconut oil mixed with some baking soda/arrowroot powder, or both (I like adding essential oils sometimes, too, but it's great on its own). I'll never buy a deoderant again, natural or otherwise!

  • tracy gray

    Dr.mist unscented. I add my own essential oil to suite my mood and season. Whole foods carries it and most importantly it works!

  • hollygoeslightly22

    Crystal deodorant. It's clear, unscented, and won't clog pores. I purchased it at Whole Foods a while back and like that it doesn't leave any residue or have any aluminum.

  • Rebecca

    Burt's Bees Deodorant for Men is aluminum free, actually works, and leaves zero marks on your clothes. It's also unscented which is great if you have sensitive skin like I do

  • firefirepants

    I don't understand why people put deodorant on before their clothes. I put it on after. I just tuck my arms under my shirt. I never have any stains unless I go shopping.

  • Isabelle

    it's not the white stains that are the big problem. deodorant stains my white shirts in an awful yellow. my white shirts and blouses are ruined after wearing them a couple of times. i haven't found a solution for this! any tips?

  • celia

    Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid does not stain. You use it at night before bed so you don't stain your regular clothes and it hasn't even left stains on my PJs. Also I've used it during day as well and still hasn't left any stains.

  • Mary

    I use the Vichy deodorant as well! Switched form secret clinical strength to Vichy about two months ago and I cannot recommend it highly enough! I had a bit of a rash that's completely gone away, it's for sensitive skin, and it doesn't smell! I haven't tried it during the summer yet but its doing me well this winter

  • Sadie

    Arm and Hammer Essentials in Fresh. Its the best out there, smells so good too -- a colleague is convinced I am wearing Creed perfume.

  • Georgia

    I'm using liquid deodorant it don't make stains on my clothes.

  • jfs537 .

    weleda spray in sage

  • Serena

    Kai makes a good one that smells like their beautiful roll-on perfume

    Also any of the Underarm Charms from Living Libations are pure bliss
    and travel friendly <3

  • Ashleigh

    Avene Regulating deodorant. It's a roll on so you have to let it dry for a few minutes before putting on your shirt. No stains ...and best of all no nasty aluminium salts! It's for sensitive skin and I find it works well for me, although I haven't used it during summer yet.

  • Naomi

    Schmidt's Deodorant is magical! I love Bergamot + Lime and my boyfriend uses Cedarwood + Juniper. The best part? It's organic!

  • C

    Thai Crystal Deoderant roll on, hands down. Doesn't stop you from sweating but stops your sweat from stinking. Applies in a roller ball and has the consistency of water. No nonsense and no nasty ingredients :)