What’s The Best Tinted Lip Balm?

There's always Dr. Pepper flavored Lip Smackers, right? Seriously, though, when it comes to lip balms, there are so many products in stores, at so many wildly different price points, that it's hard to name just a few. Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick is a cult favorite in the same berry-hued family as Dr. Pepper, but people who prefer pink can always grab a stick of Fresh's highly addictive Sugar Rosé or Smith's Rosebud Salve. For fans of all-organic formulations, it's pretty hard to beat Ilia Lip Conditioner's texture and shade range. Tarte Lip Tints are another eco-conscious bunch that last forever. And finally, if you want a ton of color options, try Stila Lip Pots (which also make a good cheek stain).

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  • Jasmine

    Nivea Fruity Shines are GREAT. They are glossy but then stain your lips. They cost $1 but I think they give the same effect as Fresh Lip Treatment. I also like Jordana Sweet & Smooth :)

    • Dru

      seconding the rec on the Nivea Fruity Shine/A Kiss of Fruit rollups, they're the best tinted ones I've ever used. The cherry version delivers a little more pigment, but the strawberry version is nice too, and they don't go waxy or make my lips flake.

  • YC

    Do Revlon's balm stains count? Burt's Bees in Pomegranate and Fresh's Petal are great, too.

  • Bells

    MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink always gives me that "my lips, but better" look. I can't believe the TLCs were discontinued! :'(

  • Ria B

    The Maybelline Baby Lips Loves Colour range is my favourite- there's a tangerine one and a cherry one that are both really good.

  • Lea

    I'm in love with Arabian Knights from Ilia. I can apply as much as I want, and it still looks like I've been eating berries (or cherries...) and then forgot to wipe my lips with a napkin.

  • CK

    Best I've tried: Maybelline Baby Lips. I like how pigmented they are. To subdue shine and/or pigment, just blot with a tissue. MLBB fo sho.

    It has SPF, too.

    P.S. For me, Smith's Rosebud Salve doesn't do much as a tinted lip balm. It's great as lip balm though. Chapped lips will become supple in no time. Just need to get over the fragrance...which I couldn't.

  • Kasia

    Vaseline Rosy Lips gives this very delicate rosy-coral stain. I absolutely love the smell of it, and it's perfectly moisturizing.

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    Lipstick Queen Medieval, Apivita blackcurrant tinted balm, Tata Harper Be Adored, Hurraw cinnamon and black cherry balms and 100% Pure pomegranate tinted balm.

  • DPU

    I was into Fresh Sugar, in Berry and Plum, for a long time but actually prefer Maybelline Baby Lips now. Such a great product. Also, unlike Fresh, Baby Lips comes in a bright pink color which is more flattering with my skin tone than berry-ish stuff.

  • Rainbow

    I have 4 essentials that are forever and always by my side.
    1) Maybelline Baby Lips - A quality product made simple.I may have bought a total of 10 in the last 3 years? I use them every. single. day. they are, to my lips, what milk is to a baby.
    [ It is affordable, and I literally just slather them every hour or so during winter/ after I drink etc... it just keeps your lips sane !]
    2) Smith's Rosebud Salve - Nice scent/flavour and colour .... it is a nice pick me up kind of lipbalm that gives you a nice gloss/shine
    3) Fresh - mine is in Rose ... and it gives you an Amazing colour that is still quite natural and it nourishes your lips
    4) Dior Glow - okay, this is a bit sticky and isn't everyone's cup of tea, if your lips are chapped, it will just make them look like a snake shedding skin. But if you have nice smooth lips (I get mine with the help of the three above), Dior gives your lips a nice shine and lets your natural lip colour come through ...


  • Chel

    Fresh in the coral color because it works and it has SPF!

  • brenna

    Burt's Bees in Pomegranate, Smith's Rosebud Salve and Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm

  • Katrina

    Anyone ever try Living Libations Maidenfern Blushing Balm? Or Lipstick Queen Medieval? I've been looking at those for my next lip balm.

    • Clever Girl Reviews

      Medieval is a must have if you can afford it. The tube lasts forever even when worn frequently!

  • Lidia

    The Apivita Pomegranate one is gorgeous!

  • Merrill

    Nivea's A Kiss of Strawberry- its moisturizing and low-enough maintenance for literally anyone

  • Savannah Scorpion

    Sehora/Pantone did a nice balm, which hydrates and makes the Radiant Orchid shade more wearable.

  • Jane S.

    Fresh Sugar in Petal is so pretty. I also love the drugstore balms/lip butters by L'Oreal and Maybelline.

  • Hannah

    Burt's Bees tinted lip balm in rose. Great subtle color and very moisturizing.

  • Beth

    I have Maybelline Baby Lips in all my bags and at my desk at work. Great affordable color on the go, and I don't kick myself if I misplace.

  • best all-around

    Ok, I don't want to be the bougiest person in the world but: YSL Volupte Sheer Candy. It is AMAZING. I used to use Fresh Sugar in Passion and Berry, but they run out so quickly. I got annoyed with how quickly they wear off, too. YSL doesn't have that problem, and also the tubes are absolutely gorgeous and hearty as heck. I use Fig which is a nice warm red and Mouthwatering Berry which is a really pretty... um, berry. If you want not much of a tint, can't beat Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm. The Rosebud one gave me lip pimples, inexplicably.

  • Sonya

    8 hour cream and kiehl´s lipbalm!

  • Sarika

    I love the Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. It's such a flattering sheer-red shade that really perks up my skin. It's hydrating (enough), it has SPF, AND it stains my lips, so even after the lip balm wears off there's still some colour there. I've tried a few other lip balms and things in similar shades but I always come back to this one. It tops them all :)

  • murt

    The Labello Cherry one is good - pinky tint.

  • Celina

    Lavera Lips in Blackcurrant for a lovely berry stain- tastes delicious, too!:) It's a German organic beauty brand, not sure whether it is available in the US...

  • Elizabeth Milligan

    I love Nivea Kiss of Cherry, all the Fresh tinted balms, and all the Korres tinted balms. These also work great as a cheek stain in a pinch!

  • Haley

    Burt's Bees Replenishing Lim Balm with Pomegranate Oil is perfection. It keeps my lips moisturized for hours and the price obviously doesn't hurt. It gives my lips a nice berry red sheen but still looks really natural. I literally have about 10 sticks on rotation at all times, no matter how much I try to branch out on fancier balms.

  • Trisha

    Jack Black's Intense Therapy lip balm in mint

  • Luiza Sousa

    Korres! nothing else has ever saved my lips like that! plum is my fav colour.

  • Joanna

    Apivita Blackcurrant lipbalm or Nuxe reve de miel (in stick form). Both are moisturising without being too greasy and they don't turn white and start peeling off my lips like most lip balms do! The nuxe one is especially good for overnight use :)

  • Hannah M.

    For the perfect, pinky, healthy-looking colour and lots of shine: Joe Fresh tinted balm in Wysteria.
    For a longer lasting tint without any drying sensation and just enough shine to look hydrated but not specifically "shiny": Revlon's balm stains or Rimmel's slightly cheaper copy.
    For a super-cheap, super-moisturising option in fun colours that are remarkably pigmented: Maybelline Baby Lips.

  • Vicki

    Caramel Daisy is my absolute fave from Burts Bees, the tinted lip balms are what I wear all summer!! :)

  • Britt

    Fresh sugar lip treatment in Coral - it's an amazing colour for when you don't want the intensity of a full red lip but still want something that pops

  • Monique Vanni

    Korres plum lip butter is the bomb.

  • Caitlin

    Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose is the ultimate double duty lip/cheek stain.

  • Natalie

    clark's botanicals ultra rich lip tint in carlotta pink. love love love

  • Hannah

    L'Oreal The Balm is the BOMB ! Super moisturizing and creamy, sheer colors that flatter every skin tone.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I love everything Burt's Bees makes in that department. Colors for everyone, nourishing, and low cost.

  • Lo

    Soap & Glory's Sexy Motherpucker gloss stick, Burts Bees tinted lip balms, and the Nivea Fruity shines are my fave. Carmex also has agreat tinted lip balm, but idk if they stopped making it.

  • Carla

    By terry baume de rose and fresh tinted lip balm in passion and petal

  • Cora

    I love Fresh Sugar Rose (for a healthy, natural pink lip) and Honey Sugar (for MLBB shade). Love how it's in a tube for being sanitary and portable. Smells nice, and lovely texture - not too waxy or slippery. I also love Korres lip butter in Mango - the perfect coral and smells so good. Only downside is that I have to use a lip brush to apply, and it's a bit less sanitary in a pot.

  • megan10

    I am literally on tube number five of YSL cool guava. I will hoard it until my dying day.

  • Jasmine

    Fresh's Sugar lip balms are the best I've ever tried. I used to have chronically dry lips but they are super soft now. I get it in "Rose", which is a universally flattering pink-red that goes on very sheer.

  • Naomi

    Cherry Baby Lips by Maybelline. It's got a nice bright pink color and it smells like middle school but somehow in a good way.