What Makeup Should I Bring On A Beach Vacation?

Congrats on the vacation! Andreea's got you covered as far as clothing, so here's an easy beauty packing list so you can put the #nofilter hashtag to good use. Or, you know, look amazing while doing everything besides being on your phone. Vacations, you guys—enjoy them.

1. First procure a good dopp kit—To organize and protect all your stuff.
2. Powder or blotting papers—Regular foundation may be too liquid for heat and humidity of the beach, but on the 13,822th day, God made powder foundation, and beach goers rejoiced.
3. A bright lip color—As an accent for going out at night. It can also multitask as blush or patted on with your fingertip as a daytime lip sheer, too.
4. Cleansing wipes—Your regular face wash might not get through TSA, but towelettes are invulnerable to the three-ounce rule. Plus, wipes are good for everything from removing makeup to giving yourself a quick all-over clean up after a couple of hours walking around outside in the heat.
5. Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen—It hydrates, it protects, and it gives you a glow. Put it on as a base, let it dry, and then dust powder on top for a "finished" look.
6. Waterproof eye makeup—If you're going to wear mascara or eyeliner, make sure they're not going to float away in the ocean. A hard eyeliner pencil like Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes lasts in the heat especially well.

Got a 7, 8, or 9? Let's discuss below.

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  • starryhye

    Flying always sucks all the moisture from my skin, so I'll always pack a rich moisturizer for my face and body. Otherwise, your list is spot on!

  • Celeste

    A tinted lip balm with SPF in it, something that doesn't stain because it should be reapplied constantly to shield from the sun.
    Waterproof mascara, UD's Cannonball works incredibly well in salt water.
    Powder, in your skin tone, to blur away dark circles and imperfections in a way that doesn't look artificial in bright daylight and won't bead up in the humidity.
    Blotting papers.
    Coconut oil to soothe the skin once the sun goes down, it also makes legs look amazing in the evening.
    When I last went down to the Caribbean I brought a bunch of different tinted moisturizers and BB creams, thinking that it would be the best solution to moisturizing and covering up at the same time. None of them looked good for more than 5 minutes, they were all utter failures.
    Cheek colour was also a bit of a miss, fortunately it's not at all necessary since some natural colour on the cheeks after the first day is inevitable.

  • softy

    this is more for the plane, but right before i leave the house for the airport, i'll wash my face and slather on caudalie moisturizing cream mask and leave it on. my skin stays nice and hydrated until we land.

    if it's a long haul flight, i'll wash and reapply.

  • Mady

    Bronzer. To compensate for the SPF 60 I'd be wearing all day.

  • Haiku Jew

    Vacation Makeup:
    blush, brow pencil, tinted balm
    coffee facial scrub.

  • Celeste

    I pack a sealed jar of virgin coconut oil in my luggage then keep it in the shower of wherever I'm staying. After showering off all the salt and sunscreen I rub myself down with it in the early evening. It really makes a tan 'glow'.
    If anyone burns I lend it to them. The whole jar is always gone in a week.

  • Farah

    Powder with sunscreen has to be my most important! Chanel makes a powder foundation with spf 15. Physicians Formula makes pressed powder with spf 30. And of course there is always the portable Phillip Thomas Roth with brush included, though i have to say is no longer my fave as the brush is kind of rough and hard to clean. And if you are someone, like me, that needs coverage i think moisturizer with SPF followed by a longwear foundation works best in the heat and humidity. Followed with the powder for touch ups throughout the day.

  • LipglossandaBackpack

    Obviously about one million bottles of sunscreen.

    When I go to the beach I usually do a lot of snorkeling in the morning and late afternoon. During the heat of the day I cover up and stay in the shade. During all of this it's just the usual sunscreen, plus a lip balm with SPF, like Maybelline's Baby Lips.

    It's usually evening by the time I clean up and go for dinner or something. Then, it's concealer where needed, bronzer for a bit of glow, curled lashes, mascara and a bright lip.

  • Lindsay Truax

    I always use a 50 SPF moisturizer.

  • llama

    blotting paper is so necessary for summer. i've recently learned that brown paper napkins (like those at starbucks or chipotle) make excellent blotting papers...i cut them down to size and store in a cigarette tin.

    two things i'd add to this list:
    -sunscreen stick. doesn't take up much space and won't spill.

    -bobby pins/hair ties/chop sticks/etc. i ALWAYS forget to bring additional hair securing items on vacation (besides the one scraggly one already on my wrist...), which ends up being super annoying at the (most often windy and sandy) beach.

    also, 13,822th...2th...tooth

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Tinted Balm with SS in a sheer rose shade Like Burt's Bees or Fresh.
    Serious Sunscreen
    Serious after sun balm or gel: Skin Trip, Weleda, Clarins
    Blister Block from Band Aid
    A moisturizing essence toner like Fresh Black Tea
    Thera Tears
    If money is no object a suitcase full of Nuxe oils, Caudalie Divine oil, and Avene Thermal Water!

  • Holly

    Lip Tar, which you recently showcased, is great, because it functions so well as both a lip color and a blush. It also stayed on and wore incredibly well during my vacation to Hawaii last year. I had a pinkish coralish color called, ahem, Trollop. That and curled eyelashes served as makeup enough for me (it was Hilo side of the Big Island though, and no one seemed to have much of any makeup on). I feel like unless you can't bear to be parted from your mascara for any length of time no matter what, it's not worth the hassle, but I admit that's easier to say when you have dark hair.

    • ITG Annie

      Lip Tar stains for DAYS! Maybe some shades are more potent than others, but I used a purple on my eyelids for a glossy look--and it was amazing--but my eyes were a violet color for the rest of the week.

  • Gayle

    Blue eye liner!

  • D

    When I travel, I like the tube of JAO Goe oil instead of coconut oil which is less likely to become a soggy liquid mess and it smells amazing.

  • Josef Šlaich

    My must-have holiday products? Eau Thermale by La Roche-Posay, SPF50+ Sunscreen for the face and body (by LRP, Dermalogica, Vichy or Eve Lom), Egyptian Magic (for everything from dry hair to cracked heels), Huile Prodigieuse Or (makes your body glow), MAC Corrector, Touche Éclat Highlighter. No make-up needed. :) x

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    I like tinted spf, like Skinceuticals' universal tint spf50, and mineral powder as I find it wears down/off more with a more natural look than regular powders. I don't bring mascara as my lashes are black anyway, but a good staying liner like laura mercier's or even a good shadow like MAC sable, that is oomph enough to do a smoky non-liner eye. Then bronzer and tinted lip balm. I don't like full coverage lips for a beachy vacation - prefer sheer pencils and balms like Lipstick Queen thriller pencil, medieval lip tint or Becca raspberry beach tint (also doubles for cheeks). And coconut or rosehip oil which are great body moisturisers but heavy enough to give the body a great sheen. For the face just LRP toleriane ultra. Soothing and moisturising.