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What’s The Best Eyeliner For My Waterline?

Waterlining (also known as tightlining) is a great way to wear eyeliner without actually looking like you have any on, but finding a product that doesn't end up either on your eyeballs or piled up under your eyes can be a challenge. Most liquid liners are out unless you can hold off on blinking until they dry, so a pencil is most likely what you'll want to use. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil is great for most people, since it's soft so it goes on easily and smoothly, it comes in a bunch of non-boring shades, and it really does last forever.

If you blink a lot or have eyes that defeat just about every mascara, shadow, and liner you put on them, you might want a hard pencil, like Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes. You can soften it up a little by holding it over a lighter until it's warm and amore malleable, but the formula is intentionally hard, so it stays in place.

If water resistant and gentle is more important for you than being able to swim in your eyeliner, everyone in the Gloffice gives Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliner rave reviews. It's extremely precise, super soft on eyes, and the colors are rich, so a little goes a very long way.

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  • newbrunette

    The best waterliner i found was the powdery kohl in the little vial from Guerlain. Every time you blinked it refreshed itself. They discontinued it. RIP, favorite makeup item ever.

    • Farah Al-Sharief

      They didn't discontinue it

    • Kira

      I agree, the Guerlain vial is the best, and it's still available at Sephora. But since it's sometimes messy I stick to Urban Decay 24/7 for daily use. It's almost as good and comes in tons of shades.

    • Prenouveau

      I haven't tried the powder version, I like the creamy one. The powder doesn't get in your eyes throughout the day?

    • Lauren

      I literally just through a basically unused one of these out - whenever I've tried it I've just ended up with a sooty mess. Do you use the little stick applicator?

  • Tess

    Just picked up a waterproof gel by Rimmel. Great staying power!

  • Jul

    The best thing for water-lining is powder kohl. Here in Spain, you can buy it in any moroccan store for less than 5 euros, and it lasts forever!

  • madame b

    Nars in blue and black and Too Faced in black orchid stay on forever. I have tried the above but nothing is better than these two.

  • Lo

    L'oreal Infallible gel liner is the best. Really stays put. Also, love the brush it comes with. After I've lined my waterline, I swipe the remainder it across my top lashline for a light, soft, smokey effect.

    • Inkygrl

      Yes, another vote for Loreal Infallible gel liner. Stays all day, and the brush that comes with it is actually good.

  • Siobhan

    Nothing seemed to stay on or near my waterline until I tried Lancôme's Le Crayon Khol in dark brown. It ends up around my eyelash line which I like, the brown looks more natural than black and it stays all day. Also, its quite soft and has a nifty smudger on one end. And this is from someone who has 10 (discarded) eyeliners/khols on my shelf. :)

    • softy

      i wish i could say the same, it's smudge city for me. i only use it to line the top of my eyes, and even then i have to make sure i use ud eye primer.

    • spectacularviews

      Another vote for Le Crayon Kohl! This is one of the only products I purchase over and over again. I've been using it since high school.

  • Ria B

    I line the outside of my waterline with black using the Revlon PhotoReady kajal every day, and then brighten up my inner corner with the white end (it's a dual ended pencil.) Super handy. It's not super long-lasting though, touch-ups are required but it doesn't get messy either which a huge plus.

    I find Maybelline has some nice gel eyeliners that look good on the waterline too.

  • Adriana

    Eyeliners don't have any special ingredients that warrant a hefty price tag. Rimmel Scandal Eyes and Milani Liquid Eyes are just as good as the UD one and much cheaper.

  • Laura Mitchell

    Chanel Style Yuex Waterproof

  • ikillplants

    MAC PowerPoint waterproof pencil. Love. It.

  • Liz K

    I love the Estee Lauder automatic liner in black. It does smudge but I have pale lashes so I like that I end up with a tightlined look the next day. In fact, I have been known to line my waterline and wait a bit then wipe off the waterline just to get the smudged bit. It is the smoothest black pencil I have and has been a go to favorite for years.

  • Sonya

    The clinique one!

  • Linda

    Rimmel Scandaleyes

  • Prenouveau

    Guerlain's Khol Me Kajal. It's the cone-shaped Eastern-style one, and you apply it by dragging it sideways while your eyes are closed. Easy and quick, as long as you don't mind a slightly messy look.

    • mermaidsdream

      I love Guerlain's loose kohl so I bought this immediately when it came out, maybe a year ago? Anyway, I completely disagree. It smudges like crazy and doesn't stay put on my waterline, I look like a raccoon at the end of the day. One of the worst eyeliners I've ever tried.

      Guerlain's loose kohl is amazing and stays put, put Kohl Me Kajal ... sucks.

  • flao

    the liner that always worked best for me was the jemma kidd screen siren 08 (black), it was perfect. glided on very easily but with great staying power and minimal smudging. plus it had a pencil sharpener in the cap! it has been discontinued though, so i've been hoarding them where i can manage to find them on the internet.

  • http://www.wernerbeauty.com/ Teckie

    I have UD 24/7 but I haven't noticed a significant difference between it and my drugstore liners. I'll try the Make Up Forever. I don't usually tight-line because it makes eyes look smaller.

  • therealblonde

    Actually the UD 24/7 is one of the worst I ever tried! It ends up all over the place, and it leaves an annoying film on my contacts. I liked the MAC Longwear, but I have to sharpen it after each use, and I've never gone through an eyeliner pencil so fast! I still haven't found my HG.

  • andee

    Nars Larger Than Life Via Veneto (black) never smudges

  • mermaidsdream

    Too Faced's 3 - Way Lash Lining Tool is amazing. It's not a great eyeliner for anything but tightlining, but holy hell if that's the look you're going for, it's amazing. Super easy and quick to apply and stays for days.

  • Priyanka

    I like the Smashbox Always Sharp waterproof liner in raven. It works great & has a sharpener in the cap. :)

  • Liz Malay

    I just use the sephora brand twist-up liner! It's a great price and it works great. Plus it's blendable if I want to wear it above my lashes and smear it onto my lids rocker style.

  • Lauren

    I'm pretty obsessed with the Dior crayon, not the kohl one though, or the Chanel crayon are pretty divine.

  • Tanya

    Kat von D autograph liner: has a sharpener on one end and a smudger on the other. Wonderful in brown

  • Francisc

    I love the Estee Lauder kohl!


  • Emma

    Rimmel London's Scandaleyes waterproof kohl pencil is easy to use, smudgeable if you want it to be, but not if you don't want it to be. It does whatever you tell it to and it doesn't ask questions. I only use 005 to do any kind of waterlining, because I look like a crazy hung-over Oracle deer if I use anything other than nude, but it comes in many colors and it's at Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. So basically within arms reach and it won't dive too deep into your pockets.

  • Kat

    Anyone have any good suggestions for a contact lens wearer with watery, sensitive eyes? I've not managed it yet without it ending up all over my eyeball and the lens.

  • SJ

    It's been mentioned before down below, but LANCOME'S LE CRAYON KHOL FOR THE BIGGEST WIN! It stays put and fresh for hours and when it eventually wears throughout the day it softens down to a gorgeous natural-looking, smudgey, soft goodness without moving onto weird places around your eye.

  • Mary

    pencils? seriously? these never ever last even to lunch time on me. always always MAC liquid in the pot with a separate brush. every day for the last 5 years.

  • Renaphuah

    I have oily eyelids and my eyes water easily.... I have tried every pencil possible, drugstore or high end... nothing works as well as MAC Fluidline or Maybelline gel liner on the waterline BUT you must smudge it when it is still wet with a tiny brush and black eyeshadow (my pick is NARS Pandora)

  • Celeste

    MAC Technakohl. There's no sharpening and no risk of stray wood fibers getting into your eye. Plus MAC guarantees that all of their kohl liners are safe for contact lens wearers.
    Before that I used MUFE Aqua eyes but the MAC one in Graphblack is much darker.
    At night, I used to use Guerlain's powder kohl but it smudges uncontrollably and ends up in the concealer under my eyes. It was reserved for night time because it made my concealer obviously grayish in the daylight.
    I tried the UD kohl liners and returned them the next day. I use liner on my top waterline only (tightline) so that my eyes don't look as round and startled. It looks too gothic if it transfers to my lower waterline. I like eyeliner to stay exactly where I put it.

  • Sweet Leilani

    Loreal's Kajol in black