What’s The Best BB Cream?

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream
Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale Full Coverage BB Cream

Best BB cream? Given the number of them on the market, at this point, might as well ask "What's the most delicious food?" or "Which Beatle was the cutest?" (George? Paul? PETE BEST?).To get your perfect match, the best things you can do are try as many samples as possible, and ask anyone with similar skin what they use. There are BB creams for every skin tone, types, and concern. So pretty much no matter what you want, it exists—you just need to find it. That said, we have a few general suggestions to get you started, and the brilliant ITG commentariat can almost certainly assist you if you ask them in the comments here!

For shade range, Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream wins. Most BBs come in two or three shades, Camera Ready comes in 10. And for a more natural, sensitive skin-friendly option, Jane Iredale Full Coverage BB Cream has broad spectrum sun protection in a mineral base (so no chemical sunscreens or dyes).

What's your pick, though? If you've found the ideal product for your skin type and tone, let us know!

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  • Haute_child

    Erborian - developed by two friends one korean and one parisienne, it completely changed my skin, I went from wearing foundation to just this and concealer. Its glides on and leaves skin baby soft and visibly improves over time beneath it.

    • thunderlegz

      Im so intrigued! This brand sounds like a castle in Game of Thrones! Does it really work-can you tell me which products you've used? xo h

      • Haute_child

        haha, that's true I didn't think of that! I am a bit of a product junkie, I buy a lot! this is something I've really noticed a difference with! I used to use chanel vitalumiere, Armani silk (foundations) bb as I decided I needed the further coverage - bb wise though I tried the Sunday Reily one and the Dior - neither can hold a candle to this one! xx

        • Ivy

          Just curious, which Erborian BB cream are you using? (It seems like there's a light version & a ginseng version) Have you tried any of their CC creams?

  • Alaska

    Amore Pacific CC Compact!!! It's not technically a BB cream, but it's fantastic and covers everything with such a weightless feeling.

    • Cassandra Thurswell

      that's what i use! it's the absolute best. spf 50! I've purchased it 5x now. So rare for me to like a product that much!

  • guest

    Skin79 hot pink or gold- the original bb cream that started the trend. Very affordable for a lot of product, pump packaging works well and has SPF.

  • GMB

    Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream! It was a cheap drugstore thrill that's turned out to be a great find for my oily skin. Feels light but has enough coverage that I can skip foundation and gives me a good balance of looking more dewy than oily :)

    • ErinK

      I have been using this for almost a year now and constantly get compliments on how "perfect" and "porcelain" my skin looks. This is coming from someone who is very acne-prone with oily skin. If they ever stop making it, I'll cry! I layer a very tiny amount over Dr. Lin Skincare's Daily Hydrating Gel (the key is to rub in the BB cream before the gel moisturizer has dried) and it's like magic.

      • Naomi

        Oooooh, I'm going to have to try.

  • Julie

    Lancômes BB cream is fabulous! It look really natural on your skin, and it makes your face almost glow! I have a lot of red spots on my cheeks, and scaring from acne, but it covers it beautifully!
    Though.. don't wear it while working out, because it's not even a little bit waterproof!

  • Haley

    Clinique Age Defense BB Cream with SPF 30 is perfect for my normal to dry skin, I'm relatively fair with olive undertones and freckles. It gives the perfect amount of coverage without looking make up-y. I no longer even apply powder or highlighter day to day, it's just this cream, bronzer and blush. I always mix it with a dab of Embryolisse lotion (more if my skin is extra dry) and I get a really nice dewy and fresh look that lasts all day.

  • Aurélia Diotima Bode

    I have only just joined the BB cream fan club since I haven't been able to find on matching my skin tone (being German and Westafrican) so I currently use maybelline. If any mixed girls could tell me what the use, I'd be grateful :)

  • Inkygrl

    Missha Perfect Cover. It's a Korean brand. I love the silky texture and coverage and the glow it gives. Not cakey at all.

  • mrsnics

    Sulwahsoo snowwise brightening bb. I think it is actually the same company as AmorePacific. I got a sample from Neiman Marcus after ordering the amazing ponds pillowcase and then ordered the full size. BB creams are great if you can find one that actually suits your particular needs. This is difficult for me because i want something to even skin tone and i have to have at least 50 spf mineral sunblock as i have hormone induced hyperpigmentation. If you have hyperpigmentation you need to use physical blocking sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens just won't work from what i have read. This stuff also has great skincare ingredients and smells of ginger. It is very moisturizing however and if you have combo skin which i do you will need to powder or use a different foundation for the oilier areas. The only other problem is it only comes in 2 shades and i think they are both very light. I am the darker shade and i am extremely fair. I wear Vichy Dermablend Opal 15 for reference ( which by the way i also highly recommend--great for covering hyperpigmentation and physical sunscreen 30 and works great as a concealer and is long wear).

  • JVW

    NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30!

  • Jenny

    I haven't tried it yet, but I hear Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream is suppose to be amazing. Anyone use that? I'm tempted to try it, as my experience with Asian beauty products has been really good (and I'm not Asian, FYI)

    • Erin

      I really like it. It's kind of "dewy," and I would not recommend it for oily skin. it also does not have the best staying power (when I blow my nose, most of it comes off my nose), although I could probably be better about using a primer/powder.

    • Audrey

      I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin either. I feel like it has been over-hyped. If you want to get into the Asian BB cream fad, look into Skinfood.

  • Merrill

    Holika Holika Petit BB Cream-- total game changer. I have combination/oily/sensitive skin, and this lasts on me for ages (unlike every other foundation/bb cream I've tried...sob). Light, but VERY buildable coverage without looking cakey-- and it doesn't cling to my weird dry patches!!!! It's never caused me any skin issues, and the color seems to match my incredibly-unfairly-fair skin with yellow undertones. It hasn't ever oxidized into that weird orange color on me, either. It's a Korean brand, so I tend to buy it on Amazon for around $8, which is incredibly inexpensive considering what it does, but I know there are tons of other places on the web you can purchase it. I highly recommend it!!

    • Inkygrl

      How does it compare to other Asian BB Creams? I'm using the Missha, and the "clinging to the weird dry patches" is exactly the trouble I have with EVERY product!!

  • Annie

    Erborian used to be my Holy Grail too...I loved it so much, but then I read about the ingredients and they turned out be really bad... i think I've read this on or EWG Skindeep I ended up throwing it in the trash...soo sad as it was performancewise a really good BB cream....

    Now i use a BB by the European organic skincare brand has less coverage than Erborian, but the colour is a similar good match for fair skin and it has reallly superior ingredients and is full of the good stuff:-)

  • Joanna

    Omorovicza!!! I've been using this BB cream for over a year and couldn't be happier with it. Its texture is lighter than that of most other BB creams I have used, yet it provides beautiful coverage that looks very natural, not "made-up". It contains SPF 20 along with a plethora of amazing natural ingredients. It's also noteworthy that this product does not contain any silicones, which, to me, is a big plus.

  • K.

    Holika Holika BB Cream Clearing, it's excellent <3

  • Vanessa Andujar

    SkinFood Orange Jelly BB Cream...a korean bb cream with spf 20++ and sets matte. Gorgeous for oily, acne prone skin, it doesn't separate or settle and it actually looks better after a few hours of wear rather than worse.

  • katiedid13

    I adore Dr. J(F)art Black Label. The one-size-fits-all shade happens to fit me, but I know that's not the case for everyone so I don't usually recommend it.

  • Lara

    I hate BB creams, I'd rather just wear moisturizer and foundation. But I did hear good things about the Dior one...

  • Lindsey

    clarins bb cream is so underrated and amazing. absolutely love that stuff

  • Erica

    Fell in love with Estée Lauder's Daywear BB a couple of years ago, but just tried their new Double Wear All Day Glow BB and I love that one, too. Never expected to fall in love with Estée Lauder products (I associate them with my grandmother), but I'm smitten!

  • Taylor

    L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream--drugstore HG.

  • Kerry

    mac bb cream is the only "base" makeup that didn't break me out, that, and its finish is also amazingly natural looking on my skin. i still have to use concealer on my acne scars though as it only covers them partially, but i have no complaints as it's hard to find something as light that i'm not reactive towards.

  • Guest

    My favorite? The one that hasn't been made yet. So far, nothing works on my brown skin. I want: medium golden brown color, SPF of AT LEAST 30, physical sunscreen only, non-drying formula. Why is this next to impossible to get? If someone ever manufactures this, I'm in. Price is of no importance if the product is good.

    • Erin

      I can only speak as a pale lady, but I like Kiehls BB cream. I don't know if it's physical sunscreen, but it has an SPF of 50 and is non-drying. The palest shade is almost a little dark for me, but I've been wearing it in the summer when I'm a shade darker. There is a significant lack of shades, and I would not recommend it for oily skin. If you can get your hands on a sample, it's worth trying!

      • Bourke White

        I second this. I also really like the Kiehl's BB cream, and I'm starting on my third tube. It wears very well and is also silicone free (a hard thing to find).

  • Jenny

    Skin79 hot orange bb cream. It's not for everyone, but it works great for me.

  • tinking

    YSL Top Secret - sheer & fabulous - but does the trick - love it

    • Lucinette2

      Agreed - sheer but evens out everything... with SPF 20 to boot. It's perfect.

  • Ana Vera


  • Stef

    After trying many, my favorite by is the one by Tarte! it has such a natural finish and keeps everything intact!

  • Michelle K. Lee

    chanel cc cream!

  • Ashleigh

    I love Dior's Hydra Life BB Creme - it's perfect for me. I'm also a fan of YSL's Top Secrets All-in-One BB Cream. Like someone else mentioned, it's very sheer but it does the trick. I'd heard so many good things about Smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream that I recently bought it. I like it - it has good coverage and blends well - but it's probably my least favourite of the three. The formula is a bit too dry and too yellow for my fair, sensitive, cool skin. I picked up the light shade (instead of the fair one) because I figured I'll be getting a bit of a tan soon, but I probably should have stuck with the fair shade. Oh well, c'est la vie...of a beauty junkie!

  • mathilde GUIGOU

    Definitly the erborian...
    So great....naturel...just perfect for my skin....

    French kisses


  • Teckie

    It's Boscia BB Cream for me. It totally camouflages pores, matches really well and has SPF.

  • Juan Jaar

    The Kiehl's BB is glorious: Juicy but not oily velvet finish, medium coverage (it's pretty much undetectable as well), lovely texture and work-ability, and the best part is SPF 50+++! So not only does it make you look great but you get a really solid bit of protection in there, which is hard to come by in BBs.

    Only downside is that it comes in like 4 shades... but It's SO good that I'm CONFIDENT Kiehl's will add a better shade range, even I'm not a perfect fit! I have to mix the lightest and the next shade up to get a perfect shade.

  • EJ

    Amore Pacific CC Colour cushion

  • emily

    Maybelline "Dream Fresh" BB is the BEST! it's among the few BBs that work for my olive skin tone, it's the perfect creamy weight (not too thick/hard to spread, but not too thin/overly sheer), and it truly blurs imperfections. It makes your skin look perfect, but not in a mask-like way -- it doesn't look like you're wearing anything. Isn't that the point of a BB cream?

    I tried the Clinique BB and it was too dry and thick, so it was hard to spread around and just felt like I was wearing foundation... I also really like the Boscia BB cream. It only comes in 1 shade, which works for me but likely would be too dark/warm for some skintones. It also feels a little dry, so I have to layer it over my Embryolisse moisturizer. BUT, it's great for nighttime because it is long-lasting and has a little more coverage. It has a matte finish and your pores literally disappear.

  • Yan

    The one from Kiehl's. I've tried the ones from Missha, Etude House, etc. but they all made me look pasty and a friend can always tell if I have it on.

    With Kiehl's it's glides nice and is a touch dewy. The scent just needs some getting used to.

  • JJ

    ITA about the jane iredale. It's so lovely and doesn't fuss my skin. Purrrrfecto!

  • Julia

    For me it's Diorskin Nude BB cream, it's just amazing!!! I'm quite fair, so I use the lightest color and it looks as if you weren't wearing any makeup. Although I've sensitive skin prone to eczema, I also get breakouts (Yep, I know, I've "wonderful" skin) and this BB cream doesn't make either of them worse even though once I slept with it once (I know I should be punished for this crime :S). It might be pricier than others, but it lasts a long time.

  • Elisabeth Sollien

    I absolutely love YSL top secrets BB cream, it is perfect for my skin. It has medium coverage, SPF 25 and it looks so natural on the skin. I only use this along with concealer, and that is all I need

  • Sonya

    The dior skin ones, wish they had a larger range of colors though

  • thejulia

    Illumikate CC cream by Kate Somerville. I've tried a lot of BB creams- love this one. I was using suncreen and mixing 2 Giorgio Armanis to get the same coverage as this one. Also, very luminous (as the name suggests). The light color works on me, even though I'm Asian with a yellow skin tone and some light rosacea.

  • megm115

    I resisted jumping on the BB wagon until I came across Lumene's Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream. I have honestly been so impressed with every single Lumene product I've tried, and this one follows suit. It has the most delicious mousse-like texture, is super hydrating but never oily, layers well, has decent SPF and smells exactly like a fresh orange.

  • cb

    I love Lumene's Vitamin C+ BB cream. Good price, perfect consistency, nice coverage, SPF 20, doesn't break me out (like other drugstore brands do), and gives a dewy (but not overly-oily) glow. The only downside is the shade range, it only comes in 2 shades: a ghostly pale 'light' and an orange-y 'medium'. If only they would come out with more shades...

  • MSR

    Dr Jart Black Label Detox is great for me, but it's also the only one I sampled that looked natural on my skin. There aren't very many if you are fair with cool undertones, and almost everything else was too dark or orange. I wish there was one that was better for oiliness too!

  • Chloe

    I have acne-prone/combination skin. Shiseido Perfect Hydrating BB Cream gives amazing even coverage and doesn't break me out while hydrating my cheeks. I used to wear foundation so I layer this BB cream on as concealer as well! It is my HG item.

  • Anna

    Lumene and Garnier

  • Annick

    My absolute favorite is by 3 Lab, Shade 2. It has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB spf 40 and it really blends in to your skin in a way that foundation/tinted moisturizer never has for me. It's also a good value, since one tube can last me at least 6 months.

  • Lionessa

    I quite like Dior's Nude BB Cream & Flower Beauty's BB Cream for a budget friendly alternative. I like that they don't make me oily. The Flower cream has great pigmentation & can be just dabbed on where needed like concealer.

  • lea

    nothing can beat garnier miracle skin perfector in my opinion. everything else is too thin. garnier is thick and gives skin a glowing finish

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Jane Iredale makes one? Need to check it out!

  • Dana Fox

    Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier hands down! It's seriously like magic. I reviewed here is you want to see pics:

    xo Dana

  • Bárbara

    Lioele Beyond the solution. Great coverage and lasting power. Love it.

  • Victoria

    Tarte BB tinted primer. Amazing coverage and so lightweight!

  • Inkygrl

    And which one do you use? I looked on Amazon and there are a bunch of different ones called Petit, like different formulations? And diff colored tubes. Sorry to be so pesky I just want to be sure I get the one you are talking about. What color is the tube?

    • Merrill

      I get the clearing one, which is in the blue tube! I've tried the moisture one as well, which is in the purple tube, and I love that one too!

  • Ddb

    Nars Pure Radiant Tint SPF 30 hands down

  • ThoughtsofGlam

    I have been loving the L'oreal Lumi BB-Cream. It is such a great product and gives my face a little bit of a glow along with coverage. When I run out I mix my Lumi Foundation with some moisturizer and get the same result.