Are There Bobby Pins That Won’t Put a Line in My Hair?

If your hair is processed, or even just relatively fine and soft, it's hard to find pins or hair ties that don't leave an impression in your hair. The only bobby designed not to leave a mark are Ricky's No-Crease Pins. They're coated, though, so—just fair warning—they look a little bulky. If that doesn't fit your aesthetic, all is not lost! For styling, duck clips are great (they're those funny things stylists use to section off your hair during a blowout), and for actual all-day wear, there are a couple varieties of straight pins that work for everyone. If you're putting your hair up, the Oscar Blandi Pronto Styling Pin exists specifically to make updos easy. Pulling bangs back? Switch to a barrette and use a little hairspray to keep it in place.

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