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If summer is made for sweating in the sun, then September is meant to remind you of forthcoming days endured indoors. Not to say that’s a bad thing—bundling in blankets and eating stew as the snow falls is one of my favorite activities. Still, last winter I was so sedentary that my metabolic rate slowed to the level of a Brown bear in hibernation. Though I’ve accepted this as a temporary and even enjoyable seasonal condition, shuffling only between one enclosed box to the next comes with the side effect of stir-craziness. Which is why the gods created YogaGlo—the website that transforms your apartment into a yoga studio.

First introduced to me by a friend, she says it not only, "changed my life but is the easiest thing in the world. There’s zero excuse, you can do it in your PJs, naked, or when insomnia strikes at 3am." It’s easy to navigate: search by teacher (my favorites are Kia Miller and Sally Kempton); style (Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Meditation, Sarah Silverman likes Pre/Post Natal, to name a few); levels one, two, or three; and durations that range from 5-120 minutes. The lessons are filmed in a clean and straightforward way, and at $18 a month it’s practically the price of one class in a physical studio. While it doesn’t replicate the experience entirely—I’ve done way too many eka pada koundinyasanas into my coffee table—it’s better than nothing.

—Alexis Cheung

Photos by Alexis Cheung

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  • rebeccaarts

    Yes! I have been doing yoga via the internet as well. It's quite fun and you can even invite friends round to 'join in the fun' and discuss

  • minacoleta

    This looks amazing! I've tried and failed to do yoga every day a couple of times (currently on my third? attempt), but I'm going with youtubers for now, until I have disposable income/knowledge I'll actually stick with it. I suppose the cash incentive would maybe make me more likely to roll out the mat every day?

    But I must ask the commenters: Does anyone have any great youtuber yoga suggestions? I've found two I like, but no one else yet.

    • Mary

      Esther Ekhart - Ekhart Yoga has free yoga on youtube as well as her own very extensive site with lots of guest teachers.

    • Alexis Cheung

      It's free for the first 15 days if that might help you decide! no youtube suggestions to contribute yet :(

  • softy

    i love yogaglo! i first heard about it from sigrid agren's interview. i actually like it more than going to a real studio - i don't have to breathe in the sweat of 10 other bodies.

  • Annie Lindsay

    Also, the YouTube channel Yoga with Adriene is awesome! (and free).

  • Sarylen

    I love yoga at home too. In the winter it's much nicer to just light a candle, do my yoga, and then have a 5 second commute to the shower or sofa. For short, free classes if you just want a quick stretch or de-stress, Tara Stiles podcasts are good.

  • Anna

    I have been a member of yogaglo for a year and I love it. I am a member of my local studio, have gone to retreats but yogaglo has really given me a full understanding what really having a yoga practice means. On yogaglo I have tried various styles beyond the basic, ubiquitous studio vinyasa and really have incorpated yoga into my life. Love Elena Brower and Kia Miller and Felicia Tomasko.

  • Eva

    You need to checkout, it's kundalini yoga streamed from a studio in Venice California. I found it in June and it has totally transformed my life! I do it daily. It's a more modern approach to kundalini yoga than a lot of other platforms out there, Guru Jagat gives lectures before her classes that are incredibly informative and down to earth.

  • Lindsey Walters is pretty snazzy for my purposes. You can search classes by difficulty, duration, style, or teacher. and it's free. mostly the free part is what gets me.

  • bunzy

    hahahaha the slow motion replay is completely necessary

  • Andres Poiche


  • Alyssa Kh

    I love yoga but am still a beginner so I need a teacher to tell me if my posture is good or not. I guess internet yoga is best for experienced yogis. However, I'm used to go on Youtube and do quick yoga sessions when I'm bored and feel like I lack energy