Shift Dresses: For Making Life Easier

Zara Dress with Flap Pockets
Trademark Welby Shift
Coach Printed Silk Crepe de Chine Mini Dress
Current/Elliott The Shift Denim Dress
3.1 Phillip Lim Patchwork Dress:

If yesterday’s blazer-only experiment left you confused on how to appropriately pair separates, welcome, walk with us. A neatly-packaged, one-piece shift is the easiest piece of clothing right after a free oversized t-shirt—and you can wear it out in public. What's great is that they strike the ideal balance between skimpy and conservative: perfect for every occasion.

1. Zara Dress With Flap Pockets: The white dress is as multipurpose as its black counterpart, as long as you don't lean or sit on dirty surfaces. Long lines, high pockets, and exaggerated sleeves will seem particularly flattering when you need to get ready in five minutes flat.

2. Trademark Welby Shift: The shift you always think you’ll discover vintage shopping but never do—except this one's brand new, just waiting for you to click "Add To Cart."

3. Coach Printed Silk Crepe de Chine Mini Dress: This flippant attitude toward mixing prints (plus hidden pockets!) confirms that Coach did, in fact, get cooler.

4. Current/Elliott The Shift Denim Dress: Ever wish you could crawl entirely into your favorite pair of jeans? If the answer is, "yes—100 percent," enjoy the preceding hyperlink.

5. 3.1 Phillip Lim Patchwork Dress: Between the margins of its slim profile, this dress squeezes in a neoprene upper, mesh shoulder area, rippled seam, and digital animal print. Looks like you can have it all.

—Claire Knebl

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  • femme_noir

    I love shift dresses but I am too well-endowed to look good in them. :(

  • Indie Maria

    I love shift dresses they look so flattering!

  • Haiku Jew

    Shifting into fall
    Jackie O made them famous
    and forever chic.

  • Kira Retana

    shift dresses are sooooo comfortable. i am so glad they are making a come back. thank you for sharing!

  • Alice

    What really separates a shift dress from other dresses? I always pictured shift dresses just being shapeless dresses reminiscent of the triangle blobs I drew on stick figures. Some dresses I've seen labelled as shift dresses seem to have to be structured, which goes against how I defined a shift dress. The dress Jackie O is wearing seems a little more like a sheath dress but that's just my opinion.

  • Talia

    Shift dresses: Stylish since 1774

  • Bella

    I love a good shift dress!!

  • Miss Y.

    All I know is that I look fat in shft dresses, my arms especially. Can only wear them in winter with a cardigan on top, high heels and tights.

  • ITGClaire

    Good point - I do love a v neck!

  • firefirepants

    Get it tailored! You probably need dresses hemmed for your height.

    • The Sorted Hats

      could give that a try, indeed. thanks!

  • firefirepants

    I think all dresses make life easier. Zip and go.

  • Emily

    I'm surprised at the comments from girls with bigger boobs/butt/thighs/etc that you don't think you look good in a shift. I think everyone looks good in them, but one time I saw a 60's style shift (sewed with Liberty fabric I believe) on a very curvy girl, and she looked GREAT. It made me hunt out a shift, and I'm athletically built (no, not crossfit built... notmuchcurves built).
    All that to say, rock it no matter what you got.... shifts are so easy, comfy, and look like you tried. Win!