A Beginner’s Guide To Makeup Brushes: Part I

If a craftswoman is only as good as her tools, Chanel makeup artist Angela Levin is superb. And since most makeup brushes don't exactly come with instruction manuals, she was kind enough to give a rundown of a few of the less garden-variety options. In Part I she demonstrates the proper application techniques for three special little brushes for the eye area:

-The fluffy, tapered contour brush is great for getting right into the crease and making blending look easy.

-A stiff-bristled small angled shadow brush deposits color and is strong enough to brush bushy eyebrow hairs into place.

-The pointy, calligraphic Ultrafine Eyeliner Brush is a cat eye enthusiast's best friend.

Watch and learn.

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  • http://jordancathleen.blogspot.com/ Jordan Cathleen

    What a great resource; thanks for sharing!

  • Emily Knott

    A fluffy brush is essential!

  • http://www.comfortably-chic.com Jen

    Great article! I love my makeup brushes :)

  • http://www.excusemyblog.com/ Kelsey

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I also love the MAC small angle brush for eyeliner. It is great if you are going for a thicker look on the ends (or a cat eye)!


  • charmystique

    @Annie, can't get over how beautiful you are!! <3

  • http://moniquitabella.com moniquitabella

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • simpsoka

    I am such a makeup n00b in general, but I love it! This is a great explanation, thanks for sharing. My problem is that my eye shadow bunches up on my lid creases and makes these dark lines... is there a way to prevent that? Maybe I'm brushing wrong?

    • Layla Corcoran

      You need eyeshadow primer. Urban Decay makes the best.

  • Sophia

    fantastic video, but was wondering, what song is playing? love the guitar

  • Maddy

    I have to comment. Im used to reading and loving Annie's writing but my god, she is breathtakingly stunning!