Fix Scuffed Leather With Face Oil


A quick tip: next time you need to clean up a scuff, scratch, slight discoloration, or makeup stain on your leather bag, use some face oil. Walker Baron, painter and monogramming extraordinaire at Clare V. suggests testing a small area of the bag first (dark oils will probably worsen a stain on light leather—and don't try this on suede), then putting a little oil on a cloth before buffing it into the stained area. His oil of choice? Rodin Olio Lusso. Though he also jokes pizza grease might work just as well. ***Please do not try that either.***

Photo by Alexis Cheung.

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    i use cleansing milk for face , it works very well on leather

    • Miss Y.

      Great tip, will try that!

  • therealblonde

    Cray-cray! Do you know how EXPENSIVE Olio Lusso is? For my skin only! (If I could afford it)

  • Alexis Cheung
  • A.J. Thompson Zielike

    I keep a tin of mink oil (by the Kiwi shoe polish brand) and that does a great job and is like $3. Also, before I used mink oil, I used Vaseline and it works great and is even cheaper. Just a tiny bit, though.

  • Nae

    Very good idea! I own a ton of leather boots and baby the crap out of them. I usually prevent scuffing by using Doc Marten's Wonder Balsam regularly, and spritzing on their UV spray once a year. But if they ever get scratched? I'm trying this!

  • Dailypolish

    I use a leather balm specifically designed for saddles. It makes all my bags amazing

  • Sarah

    Hmm! I bet argan oil would work well for this too.