Ashley Smith Got Off The Plane Like This


In the latest episode of Models Who Travel, Ashley Smith instructs on the one luggage-friendly thing you need to get off the plane looking like, well, a model who just got off a plane.

"I’m obsessed with travel cases. I always find them at airport duty-free shops because they’re all-in-one and pretty compact. This Lancôme case is one of my favorites. It’s got everything—eye shadows, lip gloss and a brush, powder, luminizer, eyeliner, mascara... I have another one from Givenchy that's also pretty amazing. It’s a big tower, and each layer has something different. The other things I always take around with me are my Armani brow pencil that I just sort of throw into the bottom of my purse—God, it's so dirty, that's probably bad [laughs], and my Dior Lip Glow which adjusts to the natural shade of your lips. It's the coolest thing I've ever seen—it doesn't make my lips look a different color, it just makes them look like they have more color.

A little trick that keeps me looking really fresh and moisturized, even if I just woke up after a long flight, is using Rosebud Salve all over my face—on my cheeks, lips...anywhere that needs a little moisture. It's sort of like luminizer but way more natural because it reflects light with a dewy sheen instead of with glitter. Is that weird? I mean, when you're in a foreign country with, like, a backpack and five minutes, you gotta do what you gotta do!"

—as told to ITG

Ashley Smith (The Society) photographed by Tom Newton.

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  • Emily

    Ashley is so gorgeous and fresh, love her simplistic approach to beauty! I do the same trick but instead of Rosebud Salve I use my trusty old Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment.

    • thunderlegz

      Ok! Tell me: you really put this ointment on your face? My skin is like an alligator's....Do you do this all the time? How about clogged pores?

      • MsEaves

        I put it all over my face and never have a problem. It's great for alligator skin!

      • Clever Girl Reviews

        If you really exfoliate regularly then it's not a big deal to do it occasionally. I'm very sensitive to petroleum products so I will break out if I'm not exfoliating or use it often!

  • s

    Oh I wish we could have more of a tutorial of this look. Her skin looks absolutely flawless! Topshelf?

  • YY

    Just a word of warning about putting Smith's Rosebud salve on your face (esp. if you're an acne prone, sensitive skinned gal). The ingredients are: Petrolatum, Aromol (blend of 7 rose essential oils) and Cotton Seed Oil.

    • Layla Corcoran

      Petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic.

      • Arianne

        But the oils might be too heavy for some, surely?

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I've also used Rosebud salve like this.

  • Denisse

    That Lancome case looks awesome! I can't say I'm a huge fan or the Rosebud salve on my lips, but maybe on the eyelids and cheeks might be worth trying!

  • thunderlegz

    Oh yeah, super helpful, thank you! I am dry like dessert, so may smear everywhere, literally my burly curls to my toes.