Sophie Bille Brahe, Jewelry Designer


“I’ve been making jewelry for very long time. I’m trained as a goldsmith—the traditional four-and-a-half years of measuring and bloody fingers. But I thought it was really important to have that training when you want to design your own stuff. Around three years ago, when I was doing my MA at Royal College of Art in London, I started getting a lot of press for small things I had made for some ladies. So I felt like I had to do my own line.

I always try to put in some kind of poetic element to the design, to make the pieces a little more narrative. My great great grandfather was a famous astronomer, Tycho Brahe. He found a constellation called Cassiopeia, so I did a whole collection around Cassiopeia and star constellations. The stars and the sky—they're always present in my collections.

I live in Copenhagen where everything is a lot more relaxed than in the States. I just wear trainers to my studio normally. It’s kind of dirty, so I take two showers a day—one in the morning and one when I get home. After my shower, I always put on a dress or something nice for the evening, even though it’s just for my son and my boyfriend.

Every day I cover myself in Kiehl’s Creme de Corps—it's my love. It makes me feel like I’ve been to the beach, even though it’s snowing and cold in the middle of winter. I use Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for my lips, my eyes, and nails, and sometimes the Weleda Calendula Cream, which is my son's. It’s really good and it’s organic.

I occasionally use the La Mer Body Refiner with diamonds in it. When my boyfriend and I started living together, I was like, 'Where did it go?' He had started using it all over! It was such a waste... Now we have Aesop—even my dog has Aesop. They make shampoo for dogs and it’s actually more expensive than the shampoo for women, so my little border collie has that one. My skin easily gets rashes, and Aesop Hydrating Cream and Deodorant have always been perfect for me. And I love the smell of it.

I don’t really wear much makeup, I never have—it doesn’t really suit my face. I get stressed if it’s too much because then I feel like I can’t recognize myself, like I look like a doll or something. Plus I always wear bling, so then I end up feeling too dressed if I also have makeup on. I only do a little bit to my brows, like a little brush with clear mascara. Then the Touch Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent, then some Chanel rouge that I apply with their nice long brush, and that’s it.

My grandmother used Coco Noir, and my mom used Coco Noir, and the first perfume I ever used was Coco Noir. That’s what I still use, but I don’t really use it as a perfume. I have to spray it through my hair, otherwise it’s a little too perfume-y, and it smells like someone wearing a fur coat. If I’m traveling a lot and I miss my boyfriend, I go to the Bon Marché in Paris and I'll put on a little bit of the cologne he uses—Hermès Terre. It’s really delicious in my opinion.”

—as told to ITG

Sophie Bille Brahe photographed by Tom Newton.

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  • Bella

    I love her jewellery, though she isn't the first person I would have though of to do a Face with: she clearly doesn't really wear anything. I like that she uses good skincare though.
    Furthermore her ancestor was an astrologist is something rather different....

    • Nina R.

      Lol! I'm really hoping that is a transcription error and that Tycho Brahe's great great granddaughter doesn't really think he was an astrologist! Not that there's anything wrong with that … ;)

    • beeswaxnoneofyour

      Yeah, that was a bit funny. I just assumed it was a transcript thing.

  • Lizzy

    Why is she "The Face" if she doesn't wear makeup?

    • Eliza

      Haha that is the eternal back-and-forth of the comments section! I always want to see people who actually LIKE makeup on a beauty website, but I think there are a ton of readers who also love the more natural approach. I don't mind if someone's routine is all skincare, but there are definitely not that many Top Shelves/"The Face" lately where someone is loud and proud about loving makeup. To each their own!

  • Talia

    I love her line she seems so cool and open.

  • Yasmeen Mjalli

    It's amusing to me to read everyone's one's questions as to why Sophie is "the Face" if she doesn't wear makeup. I was not aware that a face couldn't be a face unless it was caked in makeup. Why can't she just be "the face" of a woman who made herself a career in the world? Or "the face" of a woman who balances the love of work and family happily and healthily?

    • Molly

      Well said.

    • Lizzy

      I guess I just misinterpreted what "the Face" meant. I assumed (apparently wrongly) that "the Face" would literally be an interview about the person's face and what they do to it as far as skincare, hair and makeup goes - at least that's what Rita Ora's recent "the Face" interview was like.

    • Genevieve

      I agree with your take. I also love her beautiful, striking and unusual look and thought this was a great addition to "The Face" archives!

    • Rasheeda

      For freaking reals.

  • Charlotte

    No wonder her jewelry is always so beautiful with such a beauty behind it. My Pinterest is filled with collection. I understand the comments that say 'why choose someone who uses only a few products and not even makeup'. I've come across that statement several times now. I barely use makeup myself, but I do use an insane amount of products to 'make up' (haha) for it. I always find it interesting to read what someone else's beauty regimen is - whether it includes makeup or not. I don't think using mascara etc. is a given, it's an option.

    Voted on Bloglovin'. Hope ITG wins!

  • Marsi

    Coco Noir only came out in 2012. Her grandmother and mother wore it, and so now she wears it?? A two-year-old fragrance isn't a legacy scent.

    And I agree with the other posters: this is not an aspirational routine or result.

    • beeswaxnoneofyour

      I assumed she meant Coco. There are some people who aren't really into perfume who mistake flankers for originals if part of the name is the same.

    • marshmellows

      this had me confused too. Coco Noir was developed so recently so i was thinking "is there something i'm missing, as a perfume junkie?" went thru google to look up if there was a long-lost coco noir that i overlooked LOL

  • Jenna

    Just to let you know, these slideshows don't seem to be working in Chrome; the first photo appears, but clicking the arrow does nothing (works fine when I try Safari, though).

    • Miss Y.

      Doesn't work in my internet explorer at work either. I only get to see the first picture and all the other things can only be opened by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom...

      • Denisse

        Happens at work for me too; I think that has something to do with the security settings on the work computers.

  • Cinamaron

    Is there maybe a different perfume she meant rather than Coco Noir? As far as I know Coco Noir was released in 2012 so I am confused.

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    About to show my nerd colours. I got really, really excited when she said she's a descendant of Tycho Brahe.

  • Althea

    Astrology and astronomy were more linked in Tycho Brahe's time than they are now. Brahe did do things we would think of as astrology.

    • Nina R.

      Now I'm really laughing! Tycho Brahe was certainly more than her "great great grandfather" - there must be something going on with the translation of this interview! I forgot how long ago he lived! Thank you for the link - of course he was both an astronomer and astrologer - he was probably an alchemist too!

  • Miss Y.

    I use the Weleda Calendula cream as well, it's great as a nourishing night cream in the winter when my skin goes dry and it doesn't clog or irritate my skin.

  • Alex

    I love her jewellery collection, and really am a massive fan of the less is more when it comes to make -up.

  • Jules

    Her skin is incredible and as someone who aspires to have a more minimal routine I find this very inspiring. I think that it's obvious that her idea of beauty is based around jewellery rather than makeup and I find that so refreshing. It's like the classic idea of pairing a bold lip with a naked eye or vice versa but just bold jewellery - naked face.

    As for the few details like the correct name of her perfume or whatever, I think it's just a mistake that anybody expressing themselves in their non-native language might make.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I'm not sure I've ever smelled Coco Noir. I'm on a mission now!

  • Restless Blonde

    Nice TopShelf, simple, yet it gives enough information.

  • ff

    This is the PERFECT description of Coco Noir and my exact routine. Recommend to all but try not to combine with any other strong scents- it can really take it down a road you don't want to travel (and others with you).


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