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J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set
Equipment Lillian Pajama Set
Topshop Floral Chiffon Pyjama Set
Dear Bowie Emilia Romper
Donna Karan Cotton Batiste Pajama Set

Because shopping and sleeping are the two things I find myself thinking most wishfully about, let’s talk about pajama sets. While you may not have much of an audience for your perfectly matched outfit (or even if you do), there’s something in knowing that you went to bed (and therefore, will wakeup) wearing something glamorous. Added benefit: Most of these can pull double-duty as separates in the waking world.

1. J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set: The Standard. The Classic. What you should be wearing when you wake up on any momentous occasion while "Perfect Day" by Hoku plays in the background. From experience, the J.Crew sets also make for a very easy—but thoughtful!—gifts for distant relations.

2. Equipment Lillian Pajama Set: If you find yourself hesitant to embrace playful prints, consider star-themed sleepwear not only the obvious choice thematically, but a safe way to tiptoe into the deep waters of sartorial whimsy.

3. Topshop Floral Chiffon Pyjama Set: On the slinkier side of things, the light chiffon and plunging back keep the floral pattern from creeping into granny territory. Plus, imagine how much easier bar-hopping will seem if you wear this over a pair of skinny jeans—you won't have to change out of it when you get home!

4. Dear Bowie Emilia Romper: This romper, in addition to covering both your top and bottom halves, skirts the line between ballerina sweater and a very well-draped version of the running short. That's three really good things, all in one very soft, silk-blend piece.

5. Donna Karan Cotton-Batiste Pajama Set: I’d be remiss not to mention an option suited for the no-AC community. When sleeping in hot climes, stick to cotton. Silk may feel cool for a moment, but the fibers retain heat (and sweat) something awful. Romantic, cotton, and lightweight, this is your option for a heat wave.

—Emily Ferber

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  • Luna

    I love all the lingerie and sleepwear posts ahhhh <3333333333

  • octopop

    I love these! I don't really have "designated" pajama clothes, I pretty much just sleep in t shirts from goodwill and avoid pants but I would love to own any of these. Also Kirsten Dunst's hair was so amazing like that... :o

  • Yaz

    Kirsten Dunst is in my all time top five of cool girls. Top Shelf with her, please! And Jaime King!

  • Haiku Jew

    I don't "do" matching
    but will take my mate's bottoms
    he doesn't seem to mind.

  • Alexandra Puffer

    The romper is beautiful!

    Warm regards,


  • starryhye

    $388 for clothes for me to be comatose in? That's a joke right? While some may say it's luxurious, I find it frivolous. The classic J.Crew set is more my speed. And there's always the ever popular with my husband option of nothing at all.

    • Shann Oliver

      I loooved that pajama set - then saw the price tag and almost spit my drink out...

  • JY

    To pull off very short hair, you need striking features, like Jessica Chastain or Lupita Nyong'o or Kirsten. No shade to Emma Watson. She just looks better with shoulder-length hair, like in the Harry Potter movies.

  • Abena Anima

    I love the feel of silk pajamas on my skin. theres nothing to compare.

  • LisaLDN

    This is perfect, expecially with autumn coming up!

  • Madeliene Rose

    That blue velvet pajama top looks so good!

  • Jan

    The Topshop set is polyester! Sweat city!

  • Emma Hager

    Love a good PJ set. Anything to aid in approaching the following day with a sunny disposition, even when sleep deprived.

  • Mady

    Felicity Jones!! Yes!

  • Love Life Post

    Sometimes its great to have a set believe me I know but I wish you would have mixed in the leggings and tee shirt look because really that's the best sleep ever!


J.Crew Vintage Pajama Set
Equipment Lillian Pajama Set
Floral Chiffon Pyjama Set
Dear Bowie
Dear Bowie Emilia Romper
Donna Karan Sleepwear
Donna Karan Cotton-batiste pajama set