Nicole Levy, Founder, Nicole Levy PR


"My name is Nicole Levy [@nicolelevypr], I live in London, and I have my own fashion PR company and showroom in Soho. I represent a selection of brands like Oh My Love, Beach Riot, Olivia Roat, and LNA, and I also direct shoots for some of them. If I'm not looking at that stuff during work hours, I'll do it in my free time—my work and hobbies have really merged. That’s actually how I discovered I Scream Colour—I found him on Instagram, asked him to design a press day invitation for another project, and now I represent him, too. A lot of opportunities and projects have spun out like that.

I've been interested in cosmetics since I was very young—my mum used to be a makeup artist so I grew up intrigued with everything I found in her kit. Back in 1995, when Hard Candy launched at Selfridges, that was the ultimate for me. The cute bottles topped with a jelly ring, the playful nail colors had names like Jailbait, Frigid, Pussycat, Trailer Trash…Alicia Silverstone wore it so I obviously had to have it. Space Boy was my favorite and I really regret not keeping the bottles. It was such a golden moment for the brand, in my opinion. At one point, I also remember being on the Space NK wait list for Maybelline Great Lash—they were the only ones in London who sold it! I only really wanted it because of the lurid pink and green packaging, that’s the truth.

Now my beauty philosophy revolves around sleep. It really does make a huge difference in my skin’s appearance but that doesn't mean that I ever go to bed early enough. So when I need to look a bit more refreshed, my indulgence is a slick blowdry. It just seems to fix everything. The Cheeky Spa salon in Shoreditch is particularly great.

In the mornings, I wash my face with Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind or Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to wake myself up. I keep my skin hydrated with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer and the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. I worked behind the Kiehl’s counter at Liberty when I was at college and loved it, so I will always have an affinity for their products. And I'm a big fan of coconut oil—I use Lucy Bee all over my hair and body [ed note: not available in the US]. The rest of my routine happens at night—my fiancé won't let me into bed unless I've just showered. It's kind of annoying annoying, especially at 3am, but it does feel nice going to sleep smelling of Weleda Wild Rose or Nuxe Fondant Shower Gel—it smells like exotic holidays and it’s soap free so it doesn’t irritate my skin.

My makeup really hasn’t evolved that much since school. I like to look as natural as possible, like Brigitte Bardot—a little unkempt, rolled-out-of-bed, and a nude lip. I don’t even use tinted moisturizer or foundation. Sometimes just a dab of Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard to cover any redness or spots, I'll pat MAC Blot Powder in Medium to cover shine, and sweep the Nars Multiple in Orgasm or St. Barts on my cheeks. I rarely use brushes—I prefer to smudge the color on direct with my finger, especially with eye shadow to get a slept-in look—and I don't like how primers fix everything into place. Currently I’m using the Smashbox Smokebox Palette. Benefit liner in Babe Cake is perfect to smudge, but apparently it’s been discontinued so I better wrap it in cotton wool since I've smashed my previous three pots. Then I’ll swipe DiorShow Black Out Mascara and dab MAC Lip Pencil in Spice onto my lips.

My favorite scent ever is the Patchouli fragrance by Les Néréides. It has the most gorgeous sultry powdery notes. They've changed the formula and the new one just doesn't smell the same anymore, I am so upset. I have about one spritz left from the original bottle and I'm saving it for my wedding day."

—as told to ITG

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  • dietcokehead

    I swear I dreamed this TopShelfie last night. Just Kiehl's everywhere I turned. I want to go (back) to there.

  • Elizabeth

    Is there any way to get Lucy Bee in the US?

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I wonder what that Ren product on the counter is.

  • B

    Kiehl's Creme de Corps - second to NONE!!! It leaves this amazing, crazy subtle glow that doesn't wipe off. So gorgeous. They always sell them at duty free in Heathrow for lots less so stock up there! And, the SA at T3 is always so lovely, generous with products and always slips in a washbag for me!

  • Eliza

    Saving the scent for the wedding is so cute--nothing worse than a great perfume getting reformulated (besides maybe a great lipstick).

    Not sure how I'd feel if my boyfriend refused to let me in bed without a shower, though haha.

  • Genevieve

    "I'm saving it for my wedding day"--OK just hope you don't marry the guy who won't let you into bed without a shower first. He sounds like a tool.

    • tess

      from experience, i'd want to shower after travelling on the london underground every day. the brits don't have the luxury of air con like we do.

      • Class Versus Sass

        Showering every day isn't the best for your skin.

      • Jessica Clare

        That's cool, but that's different than your significant other not LETTING you.

    • Luna

      Hey, I totally, absolutely go to bed without showering all the time, but I think calling an internet stranger's boyfriend a tool is a little bit harsh.

    • SWF77

      I think everyone is taking this too literal. I'm sure he won't lock the door on her. But it's important to him so she probably does it out of habit and love.

  • Haiku Jew

    A "Sleeping Beauty"
    relax and rejuvenate
    awaken with kiss.

  • Haiku Jew

    A "Sleeping Beauty"
    relax and rejuvenate
    awaken with Kiehl's.

  • Something Blue

    Ah sleep! The best secret in the beauty regime :)

  • Alexis

    she looks a lot like mila kunis on her instagram account. loved the hard candy packaging.

  • Sharon Macklin

    I can't get up in the morning and get dressed without showering. However, sometimes I take more than one shower a day...

  • Emma and Emily

    I get so upset when products get discontinued! I wish there was a way to keep the products we love on the shelf..

  • Class Versus Sass

    so weird.

  • Jessica Clare

    I couldn't read any further than "My fiance won't let me in bed unless..." No. Just no.

    • SWF77

      I don't let my husband in bed unless he showered. When you are young and sooper feminist and idealist you can get prescriptive about relationships. Over time, with years and wisdom you see that every relationship is different. My dude is better trained than my dog. Goes to the city? Shower. Smokes? Shower. Eats smelly food? Shower. Every relationship is different and the things that keep you strong and together have a lot more to do with resilience, commitment and compromise than little things like that. Showering is really not a big deal and if it keeps the other person happy it's a way to say "I love you"

  • petal

    Yeah maybe they have really nice white sheets or something and she wears a lot of bronzer? haha I dunno

  • SWF77

    I am so jealous of all the samples! I travel a lot so I hoard samples. Last week I discovered while looking for a tube of lipstick at Whole Foods that one very large, deep drawer contains hundreds of samples. I've had to really fight the urge of putting them all in a bag and running out like a maniac screams "SAMPLES ARE FREE! SAMPLES ARE FREE!!!!!!"

  • SWF77

    A lot of people (me included) are very anal about that. I know others too - changing socks before bed, etc. It's more common in other countries. I think the average American changes the sheets not too often, but in other countries we basically keep our beds clean as hospitals: change the sheets at least once a week, wash in the hottest setting (some German machines basically boil towels and sheets), no make up, no sweat, no city grime. I think it's about keeping your bed as a sanctuary away form the rest of the world.

  • tizzylish

    Kiehls is full of toxic chemicals. Do your research. Scary stuff to put on your face and body.


Shu Uemura
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Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
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Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette in Smokebox II
Dior Diorshow – Black Out Mascara
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