Citi Bike Is The New Blowout


I ride a Citi Bike every day—to my office, cross-town for after work drinks, to Brooklyn to visit my brother. I'm all over it. I soon discovered that in addition to being my favored form of public transportation, riding a Citi Bike (or any bike) is also the perfect opportunity for a low-maintenance beauty person like myself to fake the look of "doing my hair."

Here's what I do: I wash and condition my hair, and then, while it's still wet, I take a wide tooth comb and run it through. I have naturally curly hair, but if I comb it, the curls turn into waves. Then I twirl my hair (still wet) up into a bun and clip it. At this point, I let my hair dry naturally. Sometimes I do this at night, sometimes early in the morning. Once it's dry (enough) I take it out of the bun and I use one product: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I spray it over my head, pretty liberally, and then work it through with my fingers. I get on my bike, and let the ride do the rest. Sometimes it works better than others, it all depends on humidity and which way the wind blows. I find that east-to-west rides are the best for getting that full, vaguely permed—but not too '80s—look that I love.

—Danielle Mastrangelo

Danielle Mastrangelo photographed by Tom Newton.

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  • Haiku Jew

    Biking for beauty
    beats paying for pricey perms
    better for body.

  • VanessaV

    You are very pretty and your hair looks great but a helmet would look even better. Keep them brains inside your head, girl!

    • Nadia

      I really wish Citibikes came with, um, Citihelmets..

    • Bike Pretty

      I did a little research about the dangers of riding a bike without a helmet. It turns out that riding a bike is about a dangerous as traveling by car.

      So if we're going to encourage bike riders to wear helmets, we should also encourage car drivers and passengers to do the same.

  • moniquitabella

    I will start doing that, since i already ride my bike everyday too. Great idea!

  • JulesXo

    No helmet? No matter how beautiful your hair turns out, it will never look good on a cracked skull! Wear a helmet!

    • Bike Pretty

      Let's tone down the fear-mongering. Riding without a helmet is not that dangerous, especially if you can ride on a protected bike path. A cracked skull is not an inevitability.

      • Katy

        How many protected lanes does NYC have? I live in Chicago and riding without a helmet is really, really dumb. We do not have many protected lanes, and even those have posts that are far enough apartment that cars slip in and park in the lane.

        There's really no good reason not to wear a helmet.

        • Bike Pretty

          Sadly, most helmets are not meant for transportation cyclists. They were tested in road cycling situations where a rider in the peloton might fall off their bike going 20 mph and never encounter a car. They aren't designed for riders that find themselves in car traffic all the time.

          The exception is the Hövding, a.k.a. The Invisible Helmet. It provides head and neck protection in the event of a car-bike crash.

          Also, there is evidence that helmets tend to give riders a false sense of security and lead to riskier riding. On the flip-side, mandatory helmet laws discourage people from riding bikes regularly which leads to a whole slew of health, environmental, and financial problems.

          Most of the time that I ride, I do wear a helmet, but there is something wrong with exaggerating the benefits of helmet use. There are much better ways to keep cycling safe.

        • ridonrides

          If a motorist hits a cyclist at full speed, that person is going to die whether they had a 2 inch thick piece of foam strapped to their head or not. That helmet is also not going to make that person follow rules of the road. It's everyone's responsibility to be diligent and aware. I have doubts that people don't ride because of mandatory helmet laws. The main reason is cycling is perceived as very dangerous, even though it is equally as dangerous as driving (or less according to some stats).

  • Stef

    Is it just me, or is Into The Gloss getting a little more... daft?

  • Paulina Villalpando

    Perfect tip! I have curly hair too and I also comb it and then do a bun but I never add a product afterwards. This sounds like a good tip to avoid frizz!

  • Ny2la

    Pleeeeeease wear a helmet!

  • Genevieve

    Just a word from a fellow cyclist to some of the commenters: we really, really get tired of being told what you think about whether we should wear helmets. It's nice that you're concerned! But please, give it a rest.

    • Bike Pretty

      Came here for the style tips, stayed to respond to the helmet comments. There are a lot of misconceptions about bike safety out there.

  • Indie Maria

    Haha love that tip the photo's look great!

  • Bike Pretty

    Sure thing! I used to be a helmet-absolutist too. I decided to take a closer look at my knee-jerk reaction when I started blogging about it. This information is not sexy at all, but it is a fairly comprehensive list:

    And it's really not the case that any collision on a bicycle is going to be pretty awful. Slower speed collisions are a lot more survivable. For example "A pedestrian has only about a 50-50 chance of surviving a collision with a vehicle traveling at NYC’s current speed limit of 30 mph. At 20 mph, there is a 95 percent chance the victim will live."

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    The headline for this sucked me in!

  • Christina Langner

    I love the fact you are using your bike rides not just to get around easily and tay fit but to create your hairstyle!
    Such a cool idea! Love it!

    Much love xxx

  • Car driver

    Not to be argumentative, but living in Europe and riding a bike without a helmet is not at all similar to doing so in the United States. People here love their vehicles, the bigger the better, and are not at all looking for anyone else sharing the road. It is just not part of the culture. Even when bike lanes are created people do not respect the space. The stat given says that a victim has a 95% chance of living but my question is with what kind of life. But I do agree with the helmet comment for car drivers. I worked in an rehab facility for traumatic brain injury and felt the same after the first week!

    • Bike Pretty

      They have a 95% chance of recovering from their injury, and a 5% chance of dying. It's very different from their chances when hit by a car going at 30 or more miles per hour.

      I have mixed feelings about bike lanes. They are useful as a piece of gateway infrastructure for communities to become more bike-able, but they're not useful for helping people who are more risk-averse.

      Traffic-calming and separated bike paths are much, much better. Enforced low speed limits in cities are also great.

  • Teresa

    Please, please, please wear a helmet. I bike everywhere and about a month ago I was in a crash bad enough to crack my helmet open. Fortunately it wasn't my skull. Terrible concussion, and the entire day is still a blackout. Please wear a helmet.

  • Kira Retana

    i want to ride a bike everywhere looks like fun!!

  • Billie Bixby

    A great idea but duh on the helmet thing.

  • Victoria

    Where I live (a busy, motorist-centric city centre), it's illegal to cycle without a helmet, and our official government stats indicate that wearing helmets reduce head injuries (both incidence and severity) by more than 50%.

    But hey, if your own local laws allow it, you do you!! As far as I'm concerned, that's just natural selection at its finest, and at least you won't get helmet-hair, right?

    • Bike Pretty

      Mandatory helmet laws tend to discourage people from using bikes as transportation. So bike-related injuries might go down, but only because fewer people are biking :(

  • Katy

    Ah, yes, but you live in Amsterdam where bike culture is sort of the culture. We don't have a ton of protected lanes in the US, and certainly very few bike highways like in Copenhagen (and maybe Amsterdam? I can't remember).

    Bike hated is huge in Chicago, and riding without a helmet is the worst decision. I'm not sure how many protected lanes NYC has.

  • Bike Pretty

    A lot of people tend to equate seat belts to bike helmets, but that is just plain wrong. Seat belts offer way more protection than a helmet does.

    It's more accurate to compare separated bike paths and seat belts. A separated bike path will actually save lives and encourage more people to move in a healthy way.

  • Bike Pretty

    You're protected from other cars. Kinda. I mean, 30,000+ people die every year in car accidents.

    And you're still at elevated risk of obesity, pollution, throwing tons of $$$ away, drunk driving, etc., etc.

  • Bike Pretty

    You're protected from other cars. Kinda. I mean, 30,000+ people die every year in car accidents.

    And you're still at elevated risk of obesity, pollution, throwing tons of $$$ away, drunk driving, etc., etc.

  • Alexandria Good

    LOVE the title of this! Biking provides great wind for selfies as well ;)