I am a very easy sell when it comes to a health fad so, when kale became the superfood du jour, I keenly ingested it in its many forms while hoping for a miracle. Sadly none came—until now. Nails Inc. has launched Nailkale: a nail care range formulated with, you got it, kale, and promising healthier, stronger nails.

I’m ridiculously fussy about my manicure, so the promise of vitamins that I haven’t even heard of before (A, C, E, F and… H?) and a campaign fronted by Alexa Chung isn’t enough on its own to convert me to a new range. But Nails Inc. has managed to combine an alphabet of nourishment with colors that apply with a consistency thick enough for one-coat coverage and precision and thin enough for a speedy, super-shiny finish.

Aside from a kale-heavy base coat, the range includes a kale-y green shade, Bruton Mews, a deep cherry red Victoria, the nude Montpelier Walk, and the dusky pink Mayfair Lane—plus, if the ingredients aren’t transforming your fingertips fast enough, there’s a pearly translucent illuminating polish that can fake it. After two weeks of wear my fingers are looking healthy and feel stronger than ever, and I haven’t had so much as a drop of green juice.

—Olivia J. Singer

Photos by Olivia J. Singer.

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  • Eliza

    This is just gimmicky enough that I want it haha...and just cheap enough that I'll probably buy it.

    Also, Alexa Chung's makeup in that ad campaign?! Amazing! I wish I could recreate it but I have very heavy-lidded eyes and don't look so cute with all black on my top lid, but I'm digging it on her!

  • deannad

    Love this idea and glad to hear it's helping your nails. The Mayfair Lane seems like it will look gorgeous as a nude. I'm going to try it out next time I'm at Sephora.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I'm certainly keen to try the base product!

  • Victoria

    nude nail polishes are seriously the best

  • Dailypolish

    I'm interested for the colours...I'm sure I have dupes but I don't care, my nail collection is never big enough. As for the Kale nonsense.....nothing improves my nails so I'm not really into changing away from the amazingness of Lumos Base/Top coat that sandwich dry your nails. Shinier and less gloopy than Seche.