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How To Create Bangs Even If You Don’t Have Bangs


I’ve had bangs twice in my life. Both times, I hoped for something à la Bardot or Birkin. Both times, it turned out anything but.  I convinced myself this was because my last name wasn’t cool or French or began with a ‘B.’ But then there are the Alexa Chungs, Jeanne Damases, and Zooey Deschanels of the world forcing me to face the facts: my hair + face shape ≠ bangs. And so, I resigned myself to a fringeless existence.

Then, I saw Gucci’s Fall 2014 campaign. Forget the stacked line up (hello Anja, Natasha, Raquel, Joan, Nadja, Karmen, and Suvi). The hair: perfectly Bardot and Birkin-esque sans actual bangs.

“Side parts and layered angles make long bangs visible,” hairstylist Aut Sivongxay says. To recreate, take hair that’s one day post-shampoo or older, part it, then spray with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray or Bumble and bumble Thickening Dry Spun Finish. Then piece and mold the bangs into place using Oribe Fiber Groom or Bumble and bumble Thickening Cream Contour.

Voila! Faux fringe! It’s a glorious thing.

—Alexis Cheung

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  • Haiku Jew

    Bangs, my beauty bane
    I don't look like Bettie Page
    or a sultry sage.

  • Emma Hager

    Apart from those childhood years wherein my parents thought it'd be a good idea to hack away half of my head into a really heavy bang, I've only had bangs once in my life. I was modeling it off of (no surprise here) a late 60s photo. It looked great on her, but horrible on me. Maybe if I had invested some time in general upkeep and styling, they wouldn't have looked so bad. But I had to face the fact that I'm the girl who always has accidental, borderline-dreadlocks, NOT a fancy styling routine.

    This hair looks great, though.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I'm constantly considering, reconsidering, loving, and hating bangs.

  • Lera

    I don't want to wear bangs but have to with my high forehead and long face...

    • Laura

      Yup me too with my "dreaded" long face! Seems like you can't wear ANYTHING with a LONG face...poop

    • Liz

      Shorter hair styles are great for longer faces or longer hair with lots of layers around chin ear and jaw lines create sexy movement and shorten the facial lines.

  • HumphreyBlogger

    probably one of the most useful posts ever!! I'm considering getting a fringe as my forehead is massive so maybe ill start with fake bangs and build it up to that!!

  • Taylah

    You did get very close to being Alexa Chung though, Alexis Cheung

  • The Queen of Dreaming

    I have to try!

  • Hairbrained

    Love this read! How fun is fringe;)


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
Bumble and bumble
Bumble and bumble Bb. Thickening Dryspun Finish
Oribe Fiber Groom Elastic Texture Paste
Bumble and bumble
Bumble and bumble Thickening Creme Contour

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