A Laundry PSA


If you're reading this while doing your laundry, for the love of all things still retaining their original color and elasticity, step away from the harsh detergents. Laundry soap, as easy as it is to pour into the abyss of your washing machine without a second thought, is a cruel mistress—particularly in the case of your more, ahem, intimate items. A simple rule: baby-making clothes should be washed in baby-safe shampoos. Your standard Johnson's will work, but we're partial to the chamomile Para Mi Bebe, found at many a local pharmacy or bodega—the bottle is adorable, and it smells sweet and sugary, not soapy. To keep lingerie in almost-new shape, make sure to hand wash in lukewarm or cold water and lay on a towel to dry—all of which will help the elastic bounce back appropriately, and keep everything else happily bouncing how it will.

Photos by Tom Newton.

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  • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

    My mom has been telling me this for years. Only recently have I actually started doing it, though!

  • Haiku Jew

    Lingerie launder
    can be a delicate task
    drip-drying saves silk.

  • Averill B

    Woolite Delicates also gets the job done.

  • mjá

    1. Cold water is a general NOPE unless you're working with mostly synthetics and even then it's not the best. Still better than hot water (which is a never ever for any delicate) but still room temperature to lukewarm water is best.

    2. Baby shampoo is great and much better than detergent! However, I really recommend looking for no-rinse formulas-- it saves a lot of time and energy. I use Soak, which I picked up for $10 for 3oz (you only use a tspn per gallon of water) at a yarn store, Eucalan is also a good choice.

    3. If you do need to rinse your natural fiber delicates (especially wool or silk), remove the article gently supporting the full weight of the fabric-- wet fibers are easily distorted by their own weight, this is especially true for cotton, wool is easier to bounce back into shape; I use a kitchen strainer for larger articles of clothing like sweaters. Rinse your sink or bucket or whatever you're using and then refill with the ***same temperature*** water. Never go from lukewarm to cold, you can shock the fibers (especially wool that hasn't treated to be superwash). Gently press the water out of your clothing, immerse it in the water, and then remove and press out water again.

    ETA: oops sorry tl;dr I'm really into how to care for fibers, etc, here is what I know I hope someone finds it useful.

    • http://www.intothegloss.com ITGFerber

      Super useful!! Always happy to have an expert chime in with more tips. <3

    • vvn

      Soak is awesome! I buy it off Amazon (what CAN'T you buy off Amazon these days??).

  • http://www.clevergirlreviews.com/ Clever Girl Reviews

    The Laundress has a nice option for this!

  • Madrileña

    You forgot to mention the most important rule: wash your bras after every wear! Natural oils in our skin stretch out the synthetic elastic. They last so much longer and feel so much better when this is practiced.

    Forever new is the best soap for all delicates. Hands down. Never use woolite because it's not made for synthetic fabrics.

    • Bird

      Totally agree with you about Forever New. That stuff is the best! Not to mention, is more versatile and much cheaper than The Laundress products.

  • http://www.skincare-girl.com Penelope Rivas

    Easily the funniest thing I've read all week: "Baby-making clothes should be washed in baby-safe shampoos."


  • kelly macintyre

    love that eberjey bra!

  • katie

    Dr. Bronner's baby mild. Nuff said. Dr. Bronner's lavender if I'm feeling fancy.

    • LuckE3

      Exactly what I always use! I love the lavender scent for hand washing delicates because it just leaves a light scent.

  • Emma and Emily

    Will use this advise from now on!

  • Blobby

    I use a tulle sack for washing ang hanging my bras. It avoids stretching and doesnt retain water!

  • http://covenlosangeles.tumblr.com Luna

    Journelle's Linden Wash smells amazing.


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