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Let’s play a word association game. I say, "silver and sleek," you might think:

1) industrial kitchen remodel

2) Apple products

3) things that are not organic

Yet, organic is exactly what Kjaer Weis’ (pronounced ‘Kear Weiss’) streamlined, architecturally packaged makeup is. More importantly, her products perform like those with more conventional formulations. Better, even.

Take the lip tint Dream State. Its subtle nude color both conceals and slightly reveals your lip’s natural hue, producing a buff sheen instead of horrifying foundation lips. Bliss Full leaves lips a Jacqueline Kennedy shade of pale pink. The deep plum Goddess can be lightly applied for a rouge flush or layered for a lacquered finish that won’t run all over your face.

The Radiance highlighter has definite sparkle, but catches light in a delicate, inconspicuous way. It also blends better and is a good alternative for those with oily/combination skin over its organic luminizing counterpart.

Yes, organic = expensive. But, in the same way I’ll pay for farmer’s market organic heirloom cherry tomatoes, I’ll pay for Kjaer’s products. Not because I necessarily believe the ingredients are exponentially better for me, but because the finished product is incomparably superior. Your natural skin shows through the added glow instead of being covered by a thick layer of it.

Plus, the packaging: its heft makes it difficult for the little guys to go amiss in your purse. The angular edges make them a formidable weapon, and they're also refillable. Makeup that assists in assault protection and with waste reduction? Thoroughly modern, indeed.

—Alexis Cheung

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  • Emma Hager

    Oh wow you got me on the refillable part! That is so cool. I've always thought in a perfect world there would be beauty co-ops. Maybe they exist and I just don't know about them.

    Imagine: you walk into an inviting, open space and get to know your neighbors by helping one another syringe liquid eyeliner into your reusable glass bottles. Working toward a common cause always seems to bring people together, and I could totally envision meeting my best friend by mutually trying to hack some orange lipstick out of a huge vat. Then, you pack up your mason jars and head to the farmers market share some some damn good heirloom tomatoes. ahhhhhh

    But thank you, Alexis, for showing us this brand. Totally uplifting to see more and more brands in beauty realizing their impact on the environment. You know, there is speculation that highest concentration of environmental impact in the cosmetic industry is held at the consumer level (mostly because we want it all!), so it's not just about brands doing their part, but about us doing our part, too. And no surprise there that Kjaer Weis is a Danish name....I tell you, what an environmentally-aware culture. Copenhagen probably has less pollution than some of our national parks. Kjaer Weis is definitely the future!

    • JY

      Please tell me more about how the highest concentration of environmental impact is at the consumer level. That's really interesting.

  • Haiku Jew

    I like "silver sleek"
    incredible cases, too
    Jane Jetson would love.

  • Eliza

    Their packaging is phenomenal, but sadly their foundation made me break out (too much coconut oil I think). For people who aren't sensitive to coconut oil, though, it's nice foundation. And I have the Goddess lip gloss but I've only tried it once, I will have to try it out again :)

  • H

    Organic doesn't have to mean expensive. There are plenty of organic cosmetics that are much cheaper than this line...even RMS is cheaper. Hurraw! makes great chapsticks that give a nice tint - and they're about four dollars a stick. The All Natural Face is a nice mineral company that is quite cheap - about the same price as drugstore makeup - and they use organic whenever possible. In any case, it's important to be educated about this - and not just give in to the organic craze. I like that this company describes the ingredients on their website, but other than that, it seems royally overpriced.

    • eastvillagesiren

      Great points, H.

      I've bought a few Ilia lipsticks at ABC Carpet in NYC, and so far so good. Colors last several hours, they taste nice, decent formulation, and cost approx. $26 a tube, so comparable to prestige brands like Dior, Givenchy, etc.

    • Caroline

      Check out Silk Naturals!

  • Cyrena Monique

    This sounds amazing, I hope I can pick it up in the UK.

    • Wonderlusting

      They are available in one shop Content Beauty in London and their website. I am about to do a review and swatches as quite hard to see what the colours look like on darker skin online.

  • Emilia Musena

    to Mady:you are such a beauty expert!wow.i have read all you comments and i`m so impressed,you know a lot.Do you have a blog???

  • eastvillagesiren

    Mady, excellent post. I have the same problem with their products lasting; if I have to use so much so quickly because of wear-down, then it's doubly expensive, not to mention spending way too much time reapplying makeup.

    I find it quite interesting that they use the preservatives Lonicera Caprifoilum and Lonicera Japonica, AKA "Plantservative," because the Honeysuckle, along with many other plants (and fruits), contains parahydroxy benzoic acid, which is molecularly similar,although not identical, to parabens - they have the same "benzene" ring.

    I do think the packaging is brilliant, and I hope more companies, "natural" or not, put more focus reducing and recycling.

  • Mady

    I agree about the article (or is it an ad?). I don't flat-out dislike KW products, and the packaging puts my Chanel compacts to shame (though it's actually kinda heavy and scratches easily - so maybe not the best for travel). I just felt like an idiot after I purchased them.

  • Anna

    are these available in Australia?

  • Kate

    I liked the radiance highlighter but the foundation made me break out, so relieved I sampled it before dropping money on it (it's an expensive organic/natural foundation lets be honest). Natural foundations really cross a fine line between being ~organic and so called good for the skin and actually being harmful.
    The reliance on coconut oil and waxes can can clog pores and I've had to pass on so many natural alternatives because even capyrilic triglyceride leaves me with little bumps. Just because they're full of natural ingredients doesn't mean they're good for our skin. I'd rather pass on this foundation than have a face full of pimples in the name of using something organic.

  • GirlsBestFriendandCo

    I appreciate your feedback, I was thinking about ordering a blogging about it. After reading your comment I think i better research a bit further. Thanks again!

  • Sara Hollander

    I love love love Kjaer Weis. I use the products regularly and have great results! The lip tints are fantastic, pigment builds up easily and uber moisturising and the eyeshadows have depth and beauty. I love it. I'm saving my pennies for the highlighter

  • laura

    i have been using and loving kjaer weis products for many years. I like the foundation, which has great staying power and coverage, the blush is a staple that spreads easily and I like the dreamstate lip tint and eye shadows andalso the mascara. All the products are refillable, so after the initial splurge, they are really affordable (eg. 14$ for an eyeshadow). I like rms and ilia too, but love kjaer weis best. thanks for the review, I enjoyed it.

  • Emilia Musena

    agreed about "non-evidence based alternative products".you already have a reader,just to let you know!

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    I think refillable sells it more then anything else.

  • KW Devotee

    The price has kept me from buying their other cosmetics but KW Dream State lip color is the only solution I have found to knock down color. I have naturally quite rosy lips and every other pale lip color tends to cake, or become uneven or otherwise reveal that the pale color is less than natural. Dream State does a beautiful job on its own or to use toning down other lip colors. It doesn't fall into the industrial strength won't budge lipstick camp but to me it lasts well for what it is. I rely on it enough that when my briefcase was stolen, with the Dream State compact inside...well I haven't replaced the briefcase yet but a new compact was ordered a week later.

    I'm tempted to try the highlighter but yeah, the cost.

    ps. Beauty Bar carries some of the line and offers 20% off the first order, in case that helps.