Josie Maran


"I’m from Palo Alto, but we have this house here in Pennsylvania because QVC is 10 minutes away and I'm there all the time. I used to fly out here from LA, but when I was pregnant and I couldn’t fly anymore we decided to get a place. We found this—it’s 300 acres—and I had my baby under one of the trees. It was awesome. I had my Jambox and good music going. My neighbors, my whole family, and some good friends just came and sat around—we listened to yoga music and had a baby for four hours.

I was just telling my daughter this morning that I can do anything. She was talking about being scared of shots, but I guess that having babies has made me not scared of anything. Even in business—I don't call myself a business women, I say that I'm a believer. It's all possible. I’m a Taurus, so I just dream of something and then I’m like, yeah I’ll do it—no problem. I've gone through life just pushing every boundary in every which way all the time. That's what I want my company to be about, too.

I started modeling when I was 12 in San Francisco. Eventually I moved to San Diego to go to San Diego State, but the only reason I was really there was for the beach. I knew in my mind I was not going to do anything normal, so I didn’t really need to go to college. Two weeks in I decided that I hated it and left.

Then my modeling agency in LA thought I should do some casting for commercials. I started driving to LA from San Diego all the time—it was two and a half hours each way. I went to 10 castings and modeling gigs everyday. And then I somehow became a model in the process. At that point, Christy Turlington was the Maybelline girl and every night I prayed to be like her. When I was 18 I got a call to meet with them, and I got a 10-year contract to be the face of Maybelline.

I modeled all over the world, and then I decided I wanted to act. I did some movies, but it wasn't really making me happy. My dream was to change the world, and Maybelline had invested millions of dollars in my name—it was high leverage. But I wanted makeup that was good for you. I always sat in the chair with every makeup artist and was like, 'Why don’t you have something that’s healthy and natural and good for us?' They didn’t think it could be done, so the little rebel in me was like, 'Now I gotta prove you wrong.' I invested all my money into it, and with some help I created my line. We launched at Barneys for a year to prove that you could be high end and healthy. Now we’re at Sephora and QVC and it’s doing so well.

We don’t ever saying 'anti-aging,' because why would you be 'anti' anything that’s a natural part of life? And metaphysically, being 'anti' something actually creates that thing that you don’t want. Tip number one—stay positive.

So, pro-aging, or 'aging gracefully' is what we say. It’s about embracing who you are and getting better with age. Our essence and our gifts are honed and we become more skillful—and people can sense it. People feel beauty so much more intensely than they see beauty. You can sense a person’s confidence and where they're at in terms of vulnerability and sensibility. If you’re a conscious person and cool with being who you are, people will find you really beautiful.

I think as I get older and older, I’m going to be like, 'damn, I wish that line wasn’t there.' But I'm not going to get Botox—I’m going to gut this one out. I'm pretty hardcore, so I’m going to see what life is like without all that stuff.

I just try to eat healthy and live balanced. I don’t cleanse—if you overdo it, your body becomes dependent on it. I’m very in tune with my body, so I can listen to it and know what it's thinking. Cleansing takes things out of the natural rhythm. You’re always restarting and you get frustrated and you're like, 'I’m gaining so much weight.' So I don’t want to knock cleansing but for me, it’s not necessary. I drink coffee and wine. Live and be full!

The only thing that’ll hydrate my skin is argan oil. I love oils—they make the skin so juicy and dewy. Add oil and confidence and you’re like the hottest girl in the world. I discovered it when I was in France for a job—there was this woman who was 70 but she looked 40, so I asked her what her secret was. All she used was argan oil, so I had to try. I had been using Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion by Clinique and then I was using Creme de la Mer my whole modeling career because I liked how it would moisturize—but it was not natural and it broke me out. Argan oil doesn't do that. If I do ever get a breakout, I put raw honey on it.

I cleanse my skin at night. I make a Cleansing Oil and a Cleansing Treatment, and I usually use the cleansing treatment, which has a creamy texture. It’s rich and moisturizing in a way that leaves your skin really dewy instead of dry. Even though it's humid and hot, the more the moisture, the more yummy your skin is. When I wake up, I just use my Tinted Moisturizer. It has pretty good coverage and SPF 30.

I’m very picky about my hair products, so it’s taken a long time for me to get a routine down. Less is more, so I wash it once a week. Sometimes I clean my hair in the pond, but I always feel like that makes it too clean and like I need more dragon fly dust back in my hair. I have a Rahua Conditioner that I leave in my hair as a styling cream and use Giovanni from Whole Foods for shampoo and conditioner.

Usually, I just use my Cheek Gelée and Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil and then the Argan Black Oil Mascara. I always use my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. I can’t live without it, I am literally addicted. Like cigarettes, I need that feeling. It feels so good.

I am a totally different person on TV. I always say that big hair equals big sales. I’m this hot, sexy thing with lashes in a Bebe dress. I Instagram myself, what I actually look like day to day and people say I should go on TV like that. But to stand out, to be a force on TV that people are going to want to buy thousands and thousands of pieces from in a minute, I have to have this shell. It’s like a character—I got to entertain and put on the Josie Show. It makes me feel more official.

I put on the Argan Daily Moisturizer, the Creamy Concealer Crayon and the Matchmaker Powder Foundation. Then I use Bronze Hydrating Liquid Powder all over and for contouring. It has coconut water encapsulated in it, so when you put it on it actually feels like water. I use a dark and a light tint of my Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow for a smokey brown neutral eye. Then some Magic Marker Liquid Eyeliner and mascara. It dries and lasts for 14 hours. I have Illuminizer for my cheeks so I glow like crazy on TV.

I can tell the difference when I walk through the world with no makeup on and when I walk through with high heels and fully done face. The attention is different. When you're done up, people start talking talking to you and pointing you out. But without it all, you can be just as confident and naturally pretty—people will notice you, but they won't say anything about it."

—as told to ITG

Josie Maran photographed by Tom Newton.

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  • Kate

    Ok, I have a question for fellow ITG readers.

    Has anyone tried to start using natural oils versus the man-made creams, and felt like their skin was rejecting it..?

    I would really LIKE to be more natural in my skincare regimen, and I've tried switching to oils twice now. I've tried the expensive decleor oils, a virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, regular jojoba... and each time my skin just doesn't react to it well. It looks, i don't know, overwhelmed or something. So I go back to my regular creams and serums, and my skin does look good using those products, but I can't help but think that overtime, all the little bad chemicals in those products will do me more harm than good...

    Anyway, thoughts?

    • Ella

      I heard somewhere that the man made particles are smaller, so they sink into the skin easier than natural things, which, occasionally make some people react badly to them. I'm no dermatologist though!

    • Suzanne

      Maybe you need a lighter oil; the ones you've mentioned are on the heavier side. The same oils by different brands even differ. I like rose hip oil in general & had good luck with Kiehl's Midnight Recovery.

      • kimberlyloc

        Agree, I think rose hip seed oil could be a good one for you to try, Cay! My usual recommendations are jojoba (but can really purge your skin if you are acneic / oily) and argan. Rose hip seed oil is very lightweight and you can layer it very easily without getting super-oily.

    • Julia

      I have switched to oils, and my skin?responded extremely well to raspberry and grapeseed oil. They were recommended to me at Buly in Paris. They do not break me out and don't feel heavy at all. Grapeseed oil when my skin needs basic hydration, raspberry when it feels like it needs something slightly richer, I just try to listen to its needs. Now I order them via amazon. Maybe you should try those out? Coconut and jojoba were not working for me either.

    • Cay

      I can't do any oil methods with my skin - every time I try to, everything freaks out (and I've given it time with the oil cleansing method, but even allowing for skin adjustment, it was no-go).

      I try to have a balanced approach to skincare, I think, because otherwise I would go nuts. Don't go into it automatically assuming that creams with an ingredients list you can't pronounce are bad - some of those preservatives are in there for a very good reason, and not all technological and chemical advances in beauty are necessarily bad for you. And if the oil method doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you - you can try to balance out the man-made face products you use with other aspects of your life, like food.

      • eastvillagesiren

        Great response, especially the last sentence. Thanks!

    • Carina

      Have you tried oil blends? I recently went on a One Love Organics binge (they have sampler packs available for purchase) and I found excellent (and not so excellent) products for me. I think ultimately, you just need to find an oil that works for you. The OLO face stuff that didn't work out for me, for example, contained some type of rose oil, but the rest has been great. I'm trying to look for "purer" oils to use; it's just hard to source good, fair trade ones where I live.

    • s

      There are no "bad chemicals" in mainstream products that are somehow gonna magically seep into your bloodstream. If they could be absorbed, they'd be classed as drugs/medication (think nicotine patches). All this "everything you put on your skin gets absorbed!" is just scaremongering. If regular creams and lotions work for you, keep using them. They're not harmful.
      I do, however, LOVE oils. It's just a matter of finding what works for you. It's a good idea to check out how comedogenic your oils are. If your skin is very clog-prone, pick an oil that's non-comedogenic (sunflower, safflower, regular mineral oil etc). I've tried a ton of different oils (coconut, jojoba, avocado, hemp, olive...) and never quite found something that really worked, until I picked up a bottle of almond oil at random and used it to take my make up off. My skin has NEVER been so soft and smooth. I walked around for like an entire day just stroking my cheek (yeah, not weird at all). I add a few drops of it to my moisturizer as well.
      Also, the great thing about oils is that if something doesn't work for your face, it's super easy to re-purpose. Just use it as a body oil or hair treatment or whatever.

      • Sara

        "If they could be absorbed, they'd be classed as drugs/medication (think nicotine patches). All this "everything you put on your skin gets absorbed!" is just scaremongering. If regular creams and lotions work for you, keep using them. They're not harmful."

        Exactly, S.! I could scream every single time when I read how maistream products are "bad" for us because they are full of "toxic" products that absorb into your blood.

        • Savaveer

          One thing: Certain things that are very common in skincare products such as sodium laureth sulfate and cocamide DEA are proven to be carcinogenic. Generally speaking, the more natural and basic the better, as long-term chemical use can do long-term damage, particularly with heavy duty acne products and chemical peels.

      • coffeetoo

        Yes! all true!

        But question - I thought mineral oil was bad in the way vaseline is bad for your skin - it forms a layer on top that seals your skin off in way that isn't good for it.

        Has anyone heard of this?

        • s

          Mineral oil/vaseline is what's called an occlusive, which means that it reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL) - i.e. it keeps moisture from leaving your skin. That's a very good thing! It's also non-comedogenic and very unlikely to lead to an allergic reaction, which is why it's so often used in cosmetics.

        • bluesky557

          It's actually GREAT for your skin because it prevents water from evaporating from the surface.

      • MariaBelen

        You're...kinda right. A lot of the "nasties" talked about in conventional products have a pretty long way to travel to make it into our bloodstream. They have to travel through two layers of skin, that are made up of a bunch of layers themselves, to get to the hypodermis where the fat cells and blood vessels are. Most chemicals will just sit on the skin.
        Buuut....some can definitely make it through. When they do, certain enzymes in our bodies can fight them and break them down. Others can activate them and convert them into compounds that can cause cellular DNA damage. Absorption rates depend on things like where (face and scalp are 5-10 times higher than the rest of the body), age (can increase as we get older and our skin gets thinner), skin type, goes on.
        When cosmetic chemists formulate products, it's in their best interest to make sure those products don't make it into our bloodstream, because, like you said, they'd have to classified as drugs, but also because by staying on the skin, the product can do its job. They're fallible though, and have thousands of chemicals to play with. Like with fragrance - there can be hundreds of chemical compounds in fragrance that are highly absorbable.
        So yeah, our skin acts like a barrier and can really protect us from a lot of junk, but it's not impermeable.

    • Katie Stratico

      For a while, absolutely. The key is finding the right oil for you. Despite Josie's advice, argan oil did nothing for me. I tinkered with dilo oil next, which my skin definitely rejected. Finally, rosehip oil became my saving grace. It melts into my skin, moisturizing and shrinking my pores and clearing any trace of zits or used-to-be-zits. It took some trial and error, sure, but I eventually found a good one.

      • Lyndsay

        could you share what one you use? I tried one from amazon. But if smelled....kinda fishy. Thank you!

    • katie

      I remember a few years ago doing the jojoba and coconut oil route (oh, the hype on both of those!) on my face... hideous breakouts ensued. Only in the past year did I give oils another go.
      This time around I gave pure neem oil a go, which worked wonders-- so much so that I started doing research and trying others. At the moment I religiously use a blend of neem, rosehip seed oil, tamanu oil, and a drop of helichrysum oil-- none of which are comedogenic, which both jojoba and coconut certainly were for me. I really think oils are absolutely amazing, but it definitely takes research and tailoring to your skin type, as well as a bit of trial and error, to get the right mix or product for you.

      • Layla Corcoran

        Be careful with neem oil. Wikipedia says it can have an effect similar to an "abortifacient" in animals.

        • katie

          I believe that's if it's taken internally. A drop applied topically won't kill ya. But almost anything if taken internally in large quantities will do you in. Everything in moderation...

        • Jade

          Yes. In India, they are working on a birth control with neem oil. When I was pregnant and breastfeeding, my midwife and my ob/gyn said to lay off neem oil and salicylic acid, among other things I was using for skin care.

    • Actually,

      I just use Eclos Cleansing Oil--it's a mixture of oils and other ingredients, but all natural--no mineral oil/parabens/sulfates/petroleum/dyes/etc, and very gentle. Also a great make-up remover. Also extremely cheap ($10.99). I've tried Josie's cleansing oil and actually like this much better--hers is very heavy.

    • Tori

      In my research, certain skin-types are more suitable to high-linoleic acid oils, these include rose hip seed oil, grape seed oil and pumpkin seed oil. I've had the best results with rose hip.

      • MoseyM

        Which skin-types would those be?

    • Sophie

      yeah, feel ya! I used to use coconut oil and I got awful break-outs after a few days! for some reason it does work really well on my body and it feels nice on my body, but my face just can't seem to handle it. I do, however, try to use stuff without perfume et all, because my face is just really really sensitive (I use Clinique and La Roche-Posay)

    • Soprettyme

      Oh i had issues with oils like that myself, but an oil that I can whole- heartedly recommend is camellia oil; I use the one form Russell Organics, its a great price (about $23 for 2 fl oz) and that works well with sensitive or occasionally blemished skin (I have both). It's lightweight, and really gets into fine lines and wrinkles.
      I can honestly say that my skin has never looked better, and I will be 27 this week (I say this because I went to Bergdorf Goodman a few months ago and a woman who worked there was convinced I was at most 16 years old, so yeah, it works...)

    • octopop

      I have never been able to just put oil on my face and leave it there. For a little while I put it all over my face and it did a great job of removing my makeup, and then I'd wash the nasty makeup-y oil off with my normal face cleanser.

      I stopped doing this cause my skin started to go through some freaky changes (NOT FROM THE OIL, pretty sure it was a combination of quitting smoking and too much exfoliation) so I cut the oil out just so I could do the simplest routine possible. I haven't added it back in and I'm not sure if I will.

      Chemicals aren't bad depending on what kind are in your products. Water is a natural chemical. Arsenic is also a natural chemical. EVERYTHING has some kind of chemical composition and is made up of chemicals somehow. I think people are just using 'chemical' as a word for yucky or harmful and that just isn't right to me. If your normal products are working for you then keep using them! Oils are very good for some people but ultimately everyone's skin is different and what works really well for others may not work so well for you. :)

    • Isabel

      Most popular oils like Argan oil, Coconut Oil, Olive oil and Jojoba oil that are recommended through media are high in Oleic Acid, which is great for dry skin, but not so great for troubled skin. Only using oils high in Linoleic Acid (a.k.a "Dry Oils") could be the key (Rosehip oil, Grape Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil). - As many here have stated!
      High-Oleic oils will usually just sit on your face, while high-linoleic oils will actually sink in.
      Have in mind it can take a few months for your skin to adjust to using natural oils.
      I personally only use Rosehip oil as a moisturizer and I clean my face with Thistle Oil. It has really made a difference ruling out all high-oleic oils, it has calmed my skin and made it normal/balanced.

      Anyone who's having trouble with using natural oils should try it :)

      NOTE: My first comment seemed to have gotten marked as spam (???) even though I was clearly trying to help(!). (ITG did you even read my WHOLE comment?!)
      Anywho, if you're interested more in Fatty Acids, you can click on my profile and go on to my blog where I've made a huge list of various oils high in Oleic vs Linoleic (Yes, it took some time to put together!), so you know which one's to avoid and which ones to try.
      Hope it helps :)

    • MariaBelen

      Oils can be amazing. It's not even about finding the right oil for your skin type, it's about finding the right oil for YOUR skin. I have very oily skin, and against every word of advice I've ever gotten, I use rosehip seed oil, sea buckthorn seed oil and coconut oil. These oils are pretty comedogenic and should theoretically cause mad breakouts, but I've used them successfully. No breakouts, nothing.

      Oils sit on your skin because oil and water don't mix. Oils don't really absorb into the deeper layers of the skin because the celluar composition of the skin as you go deeper has a higher concentration of water, making it difficult for oil to go any further. That's probably why your skin feels "overwhelmed" as it's not a sensation it is, or you are, used to. For that same reason oil keeps our skin supple by trapping water beneath, and prevents loss of water by evaporation. If you don't find an oil for you, it's not a big deal - that why moisturizers are around. They can go a little deeper into the layers of the epidermis because they've been emulsified with either synthetic or natural emulsifiers.

      If you're unwilling to experiment with oils because they're a minefield, and you want to to follow a more natural skin routine, there are so many amazing emulsified organic moisturizers out there that are beautiful, non greasy, and more like the formulations your skin's used to. Vapour Beauty makes a nice one, and so does One Love Organics.

      Tip: I use an app called Think Dirty, as well as EWG's Skin Deep App. They both have a rating system and substantial product and chemical databases to let you know what's good n' clean.

    • aniiiqa

      I am a regular user of shea butter. Maybe you should give it a try, too. Just make sure it is raw (and hopefully fair trade ;) )

    • Veronica

      I've never had a problem with oils breaking me out, but it may just be that the ones you are using are too heavy. If you're really interested in fully going natural (or just using some things that are natural) there is this girl on youtube, her channel name is PinkSoFoxy, and she has completely switched over to natural, home made skin care. I think she may have one or two items that are store-bought as far as skincare is conceded, but she would be a good source to check out because she has really acne prone skin and now eyer skin is completely clear. I hope this helps!

    • Heather S

      I know I'm a bit late to this party, and I don't think anyone else posted this, but this article is really good for understanding oils if you really want to give them a go.

      hemp seed oil is like a wonder drug for my skin and so cheap, also argan oil as a night serum but that can be pricey! When my skin was oilier I used to mix 1 part castor oil to 2 parts jojoba to cleanse and that was good, but hemp seed oil has blown my mind! Also removing the oil with a micro fibre cloth (like the kind you clean with) exfoliates at the same time- massive game changer!

      ETA- I also moisturise with hemp seed oil after cleansing if I'm particularly broken out, magic.

    • Dailypolish

      Your skin might also be going through a purging phase, sometimes skin can break out if you are detoxing it...almond oil has the smallest particles and can permeate just about anything, it is a good carrier oil to mix essential oils into.

  • Emma Hager

    My favorite part of this whole piece was the part about the delivery of her baby. Sounds like such a wonderful setting -- giving new life out in the fresh air, where the cycle of life is most apparent in the trees, the flowers, the grass, etc.

  • Haiku Jew

    "Aging gracefully"
    a wonderful way to waltz
    Josie, love your oil!

  • Colleen

    ...she had her baby under a tree? I hope it was summer.

  • Indie Maria

    She is absolutely stunning so naturally pretty

  • Ella

    She's ridiculously beautiful, oh my god.

  • Gabriela

    She's so gorgeous! I had no idea she had a house in PA...I grew up in the same town as QVC, so I must say I'm a bit honored that it's home to a celebrity!

  • Brennan

    I love that she talked about wearing makeup and the "shell" it provides. So frequently we've been reading about people who forgo makeup all together. I have mad respect for that, but it's not for me. I love the feeling of having on bronzer, blush, and mascara every day!

    • Miss Y.

      So true! In the weekends, I usually go bare, except if I'll go to a party. During the week, I use make-up to go to work to feel more put together, polished and professional. It boosts my confidence that way.

  • Eliza

    LOVED this! Her Coconut Cheek Gelee is hands-down the best blush in the entire world--fantastic.

    Also, had no idea she was so gorgeous!

    I'm still on the fence about argan oil--I have Josie Maran's and I like it, but I feel like I need to use the TINIEST amount or I break out, which makes me think the only reason I don't break out when I use a tiny bit is because I'm barely using any? Does it make sense that too much of it would break you out, but a little wouldn't? Because I thought it was the properties, not the amount, of an item that causes breakouts. How much oil are you supposed to use?

    • ikillplants

      It depends on your skin. I've used her stuff for over a year, but rarely on my face. I swapped out my regular body lotion for the argan oil, and apply only 1-2 drops per limb after the shower when a thin sheen of water is still on the skin. That works the best for me. The light argan oil is a tad better, but not revolutionary so.

      The only JM product I can use on my face is her Color Stick, which is BANGING for a rosy, greasy cheek (apparently way in per ITG) and has a less powdery finish than the NARS Multiple.

      But I can't do her SPF anymore, except on my body. It's a shame! The new formula pills like crazy and makes me look like I'm foaming at the mouth...out of my pores.

  • Katie Stratico

    I want to underscore something Josie said: she only moisturizes in the morning. Getting frustrated about yet another breakout and increasingly cautious of my cleansers, I chose to go back to basics. My skin was amazing when I was a kid, because I did nothing to it! Since I've stopped cleansing in the morning, I've had fewer flare-ups, and my skin takes to my moisturizers better, maintaining a healthy glow instead of turning into a grease slick.

    • Lauren

      I think kids have better skin because their entire beings aren't yet being run completely by hormones!!

      • tera

        yes, also they have rapid-fire cell turnover, and get loads of exercise by running excitedly from one thing to the next.

    • CherHorowitz

      I stopped cleansing in the morning. I just wash my face with cold or lukewarm water, and, yep, I have far, far fewer breakouts than when I used some type of cleanser or soap or whatever. Now I only use a cleanser to remove my makeup.

  • softy

    she washes her hair in a pond...and it makes her hair feel too clean? i need to check out this pond.

    • Lauren

      don't forget the dragonfly dust

    • Layla Corcoran

      All I could think was 'cement pond' cus otherwise, algae, pond scum, leeches...Basically, her description makes her hair sound filthy.

    • Vanessa Reyes

      I must have missed that part b/c I had to go back and read it. Does she comb her hair with a comb made from unicorn horn too? I bet that makes it really shiny...All kidding aside, I used her oil and I don't think it really did much for my face so I switched to chia seed oil (love it). I still use the daily moisturizer with spf but again, nothing special at least for me.

  • tera

    haha, I am Dutch. What natural oils are there!? I should track down Doutzen Kroes.

    • Layla Corcoran

      fish oil.

      • MoseyM

        Blech! "All you need is cod liver oil on you face and confidence!"

    • MoseyM

      Hmm-- hazelnut, raspberry, sea buckthorn, rose hip, chesnut (do they make oil out of these?), maybe borage oil, blackcurrant seed oil... probably more seeds and things. I wonder what you're supposed to use if you have mixed ancestry.

  • ModernGrace

    Honestly, I'm not shocked by that. lol She is kind of a bohemian hippie.

    • Sabah

      I was born under a tree but in the Horn of Africa lol

  • Eliza

    I am so interested in this--I've never come across any research on it, but intuitively, it just seems logical that natural stuff from regions of your heritage will be "made," so to speak, to react well with you. That's why I am always very interested in skincare products from cold/Northern parts of the world, since that is my heritage. Wonder if it's true?!

  • MMoore

    HA, agreed.

  • Sara

    No, she is not. But yes, smoking is very bad for skin, teeth, heart, lungs, blood vessels, immune system...for everything.

    By the way, I love her products. Recently I tried her tinted moisturizing cream, and it was so perfect for my skin that I purchased it. Thank you, ITG!

  • Maggi

    I think she means she's addicted to her eyelash curler like someone who is addicted to cigarettes--not that she is addicted to cigarettes.

  • Christine

    I, too, would be interested on reading solid research on that, but hey it would make a little bit of sense! Definitely something to keep in mind -- maybe that means I should switch to Asian skincare.

  • Cay

    Coconut oil is comedogenic. It doesn't matter where you're from, it's likely to break you out if you have temperamental skin.

    • Denisse

      But cell structure is affected by where you're from and even your pigmentation. That's why darker skin tones don't get sunburns as easily, but are more likely to get hyper-pigmentation. I can't say I have expert knowledge on the matter, but it doesn't seem to farfetched!

  • Er..

    This was weird...

  • thejulia

    Can someone explain what this means though? Wouldn't the pond have more dragon fly dust than... anywhere else? "Sometimes I clean my hair in the pond, but I always feel like that makes it too clean and like I need more dragon fly dust back in my hair."

  • corina

    Wow, reading the comments it seems A LOT of people found JM pretentious. However, new woman crush for me. I used some of her products several years ago and honestly was not that into them. There were still some nasties, can't remember what exactly.. maybe parabens?.., and the performance was not great but that was years ago and I'm sure the line has grown and improved since those days. I would give them a second try if I was ever in the market for something new, but I keep it pretty simple.

    Consumerism aside, Josie sounds like "my people." Love the way she thinks and appreciate her honesty in this interview.

  • s

    It's not like you're gonna find a product without chemicals. If you like the moisturizer and it works for you, keep using it.

  • Hai Yen Nguyen

    Josie is stunning and I love her Cheek Gelee but her bohemian/hippie approach comes off as disingenuous somehow.

  • Clever Girl Reviews

    Jojoba and argan can both break me out. I do better with rosehip and seabuckthorn.I can use argan oil in my hair. I had her TM when it first came out back in like 2006 or something but I couldn't use it. It never set and sat in my pores. It looked terrible. I haven't tried the line since. Maybe I should give it another go!

  • Casandrae

    great article!

  • Mag

    I have to agree. She doesn't sound particularly intelligent, or thoughtful about her life choices or her business model. Could've done better, ITG.

  • Amanda

    Insufferable but I do love her products so.

  • Amanda

    It was a perfect product, too bad she changed the formula.

  • mamavalveeta03

    It strikes me as more than a little disingenuous that "Boho hippie mama" turns herself into "Sexbomb big-haired capitalist" when she wants to sell, sell, sell. Geez...

  • CherHorowitz

    Don't most things on the planet consist of chemicals? Isn't sodium chloride, one of the ingredients you listed, basically just salt? Isn't water composed of hydrogen and oxygen, two chemicals? Tocopheryl acetate is a form of vitamin E.

    I feel like I have no idea what people mean when they say they don't want a product with chemicals. Also, most chemicals come from the earth; they are literally natural.

    Obviously, there are toxic chemicals that are bad for you, but lots of natural things are bad for you, it doesn't mean they are unnatural.

    Somebody please enlighten me if I'm wrong.

  • Mady

    Having a baby under a tree...oh how idyllic. Lucky no unexpected emergency occurred. Must be nice not to know too much.

    • fibee

      I'm sure under a tree is super sterile too...

  • Jasmine

    quite a few typos :(

  • softy

    and with her neighbors watching. is anyone that close with their neighbors? i grew up with a lovely family next door for 18 years but i never in a million years considered inviting them to watch me give birth. maybe a ride to the hospital.

  • Natalie

    I just have to point out she's also the girl in the 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back)' video from back in the day.

  • nooneputsbabyinthecorner

    The product recs were kind of pointless because obviously she's going to use this as an opportunity to shill her wares. Are we really supposed to believe she only uses her own line on her face?

  • pamb

    Oh, the Cupcake wine! Celebs, they really are just like us! Josie, I can't tell if that's Pinot Grigio or Savingnon Blanc, but try the Chardonnay. It's my favorite 'mom wine'! This has made me ridiculously happy (and also makes me sound like a crazy, exclamation point person).

  • Sabina Gdowski

    who makes her dress?

  • Eliza

    Just like Isabelle Bellis (still, to this day, favorite ITG post), she is her own best advertisement! I have a bottle of her Argan Oil on my vanity that I will definitely be going back to after seeing her skin! (She's 36, which is obviously still young, but there's not a line or crow's foot in sight!)

    • Luna

      I tried her Argan face oil & I have a superdry skin, but it didn't really do anything for me :(

  • Liesl

    For me Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr works better

  • Pblah

    "But I'm not going to get Botox—I’m going to gut this one out. I'm pretty hardcore, so I’m going to see what life is like without all that stuff."

    I love the way models think that having home births, launching a skincare line, and not getting botox is hardcore.

  • Brittany

    She's definitely not down to earth is she...

    • Lauren

      No, her self-esteem is at an 11

  • anna

    I fell for it too but her aragan oil is expensive compared to what you could get off amazon or etsy and none of her tinted moisturizers/foundations worked for my skintone (laura mercier allll the way..and koh gen do)

  • ff

    This felt worse than when xovain took a turn.

  • tary

    She sounded a bit full of herself to me with her whole "oh, i always knew i was gonna do something special", "oh, im a rebel", "oh, im not afraid of anything", "oh, i just had a baby under a tree with friends around, listening to music. it was like a party!" yeah. right.

  • Amel

    Hello, you should use oil nigel! it is perfect for all skin types!

  • Belle

    I am a product junkie. I am obsessed with finding "the best" [for me]. My apartment easily has over $5k worth of products from Chanel to L'oreal in cabinets, bags, boxes...everywhere.

    My skin is oily on top, but dehydrated underneath. I made the switch to oils about nine months ago and have not looked back. Like everything else, what works for some may not work for others. I am actually wondering what the heck to do with so many lotions and potions I know I won't be using anytime soon.

  • Dailypolish

    Pai are fantastic for all kinds of skin and everything Sarah uses is so life-friendly (in terms of your body/environment/the world)

  • Lavh

    I find this line has a very plasticy look and the products feel artificial, the products do not reflect the way she tries to rep the brand, it's disappointing...i do like the argan oil and cream concealer though.


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